How many weeks?

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rbetty Mon 23-Nov-20 05:06:07

Hi was wondering if you could all help, I had a chemical back on the 24th sept, lasting about a week, and I haven't had a period since, I'm definitely pregnant again as I have a really strong positive, so must have caught again immediately. But would I date my pregnancy from when I had a chemical? Like they do with a period? Because if so that would make me 8 weeks?

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ScotchBunnet Mon 23-Nov-20 05:47:41

I think if you haven’t had a period you will have to wait for the dating scan to be sure (unless you were tracking ovulation?)

rbetty Mon 23-Nov-20 08:33:42

Yes that's what I thought, I wasn't tracking ovulation as I just got fed up of trying and it happened 😊 I'll just have to wait and see I suppose

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Therower Mon 23-Nov-20 10:11:53

I’m in the same position here. Chemical on the 2nd September, when I made my booking appointment I gave dates from the date of he chemical, midwife moved me a week later but said it could still be wrong so we’ll know with the dating scan!

rbetty Mon 23-Nov-20 16:46:48

@Therower ah good to know. I have my booking appointment tomorrow so I'll chat to her then x

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