Is my bump too big???

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Blueangel4 Sun 22-Nov-20 19:57:35

I know genie are similar threads to this one but..
I’m 4ft 11 and was a dude 6/8 before pregnancy, I’ve gone up to a 10 which is fine, I’m happy plodding along and eating what I do (not y healthy just more meals than usual)

My concern is I’m 23+4 (first baby) and all my family, friends - whom have babies, colleagues, continue to tell me how big I am for how early I still am. I often get the “are you sure it’s just the one in there?”

I know there’s no malice but I’ve started to compare myself to others and I do feel massive in compassion! I know everyone is different too, I just don’t know if I’m being over sensitive and taking everything personally but it’s really taking a toll on my self confidence.

Has anyone else had this? What did you do?

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Blueangel4 Sun 22-Nov-20 19:58:10


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HotDiggidy2017 Sun 22-Nov-20 20:03:43

Has your midwife expressed any concerns?
If you’re 4ft 11 then comparatively speaking you will have a short torso so baby will spread outwards quicker- or so I’ve heard!

icantstandhorridhenry Sun 22-Nov-20 20:04:36

Hi 😊

Do not listen to what anyone else has to say, every woman, every baby, every bump is different and unique to you as a mum.

I'm 36 + 4, I was a lovely size 10 before I got pregnant and was told to just buy clothes at a size 10 in the maternity section... balls to that I can't get into ANYTHING I bought at the beginning! I'm now pushing on to a size 16 (which is rather depressing for myself) and I was told when I was 5/6 months pregnant that I had a small bump and he's now huge!

Don't worry about it, your baby will be as big as they will be 😊

Good Luck!

Ilovesugar Sun 22-Nov-20 21:24:10

You have the opposite issue to me, I’m tall (5’10) so because my torso is longer my bump looks smaller / I never carried big. You will have the opposite with a smaller torso.

I got annoyed with the constant just wait till your on the 3rd trimester when I was 38 weeks pregnant 🤣

LifeIsBusy Sun 22-Nov-20 21:33:34

@ilovesugar... I'm also 5ft 10 and currently 19 weeks. This is my second pregnancy and I can't appear to hide pregnancies. I had to ditch my regular clothes at 10 weeks and was regularly asked last time how many I was carrying... I guess we're all totally different.

Lazypuppy Sun 22-Nov-20 21:37:59

I think when you are shorter baby doesn't have any space in you so has to go outwards much earlier


Blueangel4 Mon 23-Nov-20 10:29:16

No she hadn’t expressed any concerns and said were both doing well!

Thanks ladies this has put my mind at ease, like I said I know people don’t say things with any malice just have to take it with a punch of salt and laugh it off! smile

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Nikkitta Mon 23-Nov-20 14:43:06

Swear the "You sure there's just 1 in there" comment is like the default comment or something. Like others said unless your midwide is concerned don't even worry. Bumps come in all shapes and sizes just like our babas.

LyingDogsLie1 Mon 23-Nov-20 14:45:23

It’s probably because youre not all that tall. I am short and my bump projected a lot more than others, but the measurements were fine. If you think about it logically the bigger your torso the more room your baby has to sit from bottom to top of bump. If you’re smaller it’s forces to grow out. My bump sat right under my boobs!

Carrotcakey Mon 23-Nov-20 14:46:50

No one ever says “oh that’s a nice average sized bump” I had people tell me I was big and small on the same bump.

Ignore them, people just like to comment. Leave it to your midwife.

Heyha Mon 23-Nov-20 14:50:54

I found when pregnant the standard set piece conversations were about bump size, cravings and's a nice variation on casual conversations about the weather for people, you will get to the point where you can predict who will say what to you on a daily basis! It's annoying but no harm in it.

aureliacecilia Mon 23-Nov-20 14:51:28

I'm also 23+4 and a bit bigger than you - pre-pregnancy size 12 at 5 foot. There's nowhere for this baby to go but out, and my eating habits aren't great during pregnancy, so I definitely feel as though I'm carrying big. However, my torso is small so it's just how it is. For what it's worth, I lost the weight after my first child was born without much special effort and was back to my pre-pregnancy size within a few months.

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