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Baby projectile vomited - when to be worried?

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theresaplaceforus Sun 22-Nov-20 17:59:37

My baby is 6 weeks old tomorrow - since having jaundice and being hospitalised in her first week she has been in good health. Her weight was low so we combination feed. She’s just had a feed - formula, 120ml which is still under the recommended amount for her age (150ml) her feed about 3 hours was a breast feed she seemed fine, was dozing off while I was holding her upright and all of a sudden projectile vomited and it flew across the room and went everywhere. Bit scary. Should I worry? See this as a one off?

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Esmeralda1988 Sun 22-Nov-20 18:02:18

My baby has done similar, it's quite shocking the sheer volume of it and how far it goes. I think it's because the muscle that closes the stomach isn't developed yet so things can just sort of overflow. As a one off its probably nothing to worry about but I think (by no means an expert!) that as a regular thing it could indicate reflux, my friend has a very sicky baby with it.

Ilovesugar Sun 22-Nov-20 18:22:14

My LO did the same, I spoke to the HV as I was concerned as they did it a few times. HV said if baby is happy and not projectile vomiting loads then don’t worry. They did say if I was worried then speak to my GP

blindmansbluff Sun 22-Nov-20 18:34:22

I wouldn't worry, my eldest used to do it every so often and would be starving again a short while after. I put it down to the milk sitting funny in his stomach and when the wind came up it brought the milk with it

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