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Sweep or no sweep

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40weekswithno2 Sun 22-Nov-20 16:50:36

Will be at midwife tomorrow I'll be 39+5 second baby. Head wasn't engaged at last appointment. I think he may be popping in and out of my pelvis as they're prone to do with subsequent babies.
I never had a sweep with my first, wasn't offered one. I assume as baby wasn't engaged, he was back to back with his head at an awkward angle so never engaged before labour. He was born about a week late without any induction.
At my last appointment I was told I'll get a sweep at this one. Obviously I know it's my choice and tbh I'm swaying towards not having one. If the head isn't engaged there's the risk of them breaking my waters and the cord prolapsing, there's a risk of them breaking my waters even if the head is engaged and being forced into induction 24 hours later and there doesn't seem to be any evidence that a sweep actually does anything.
I was also told that they'll get my induction booked in - told, not asked. I don't really see that I'd need one as I've gone into labour naturally before, have no health issues and this baby is in a better position than my first too.

Has anyone had a sweep without the head being engaged? What are your thoughts on accepting induction before 42 weeks?

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happymummy12345 Sun 22-Nov-20 16:56:46

My labour was more long than anything else. I was due on the Sunday 30th august 2015, I was booked in for a sweep originally on the Wednesday, but I started having contractions on the Tuesday so I decided to see if things would progress naturally. They didn't so I ended up having a sweep at 3pm on the Friday (40+5).
I got to the hospital at 9 that evening, was in the birth centre by 10.30, had my waters broken around 2am, then gave birth at 6.58am the Saturday morning (40+6).
It didn't hurt or feel uncomfortable at all and it did help move things along (the head wasn't fully engaged so things wouldn't have progressed on their own).

Anni3getyourgun Sun 22-Nov-20 17:11:47

I had one yesterday at bang on 40 weeks. It hasn’t done anything at all. They said they’ll do it again at my next appointment (40+5) but I might turn it down as it really hurt! (I think baby just isn’t ready yet).

I was also ‘told’ my induction would be booked then, but I’m in the same boat as you - last time I went into labour naturally at 39+1, so I know my body can do it. It’s just taking it’s time. I am fed up waiting now though so a bit torn!

SBParker99 Sun 22-Nov-20 17:27:14

I wasn’t offered a sweep but at 40 weeks got told I needed an induction. Honestly don’t think it worked. Had a pessary and 24 hours later still nothing, eventually they broke my waters and that brought things along. Induction is quite a long process. I would of preferred to wait it out

lambo88 Sun 22-Nov-20 17:29:57

I had a sweep hun when having our little boy (only child) a couple of days before he was due and I wouldn't do it again if we had anymore children...since the sweep happened I actually think it upset everything...he went back to back and I was in slow labour for 3 days and it was horrendous...everyone's different thou...I think it will happen naturally being your second baby xx

bleachblondemom Mon 23-Nov-20 20:25:28

Following as I’m in a similar situation- will be 39+5 at my next appointment and can have a sweep. But I don’t think my baby is engaged either (I didn’t realise that made sweeps risky). I was gonna ask the midwife to check all that first and then make a decision when I’m there.
Also my MW said the same thing to me about an induction. I think it’s just easier for them to pencil one in and then if you do go into natural labour before, then obv it won’t be needed.

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