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So curious to know what you guys think...

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karliatkinsonx Sun 22-Nov-20 17:39:05

I made it today haha, it all makes sense now! Thankyou

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ShalomToYouJackie Sun 22-Nov-20 17:37:01

When did you make your account? You can't post photos for the first 48 hours. Also you can't delete posts

karliatkinsonx Sun 22-Nov-20 17:33:39

Girls I’m struggling haha, I uploaded this but for the life me can not find how to upload a photo or remove the post! Any help? Haha x

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ShinyGreenElephant Sun 22-Nov-20 16:09:27

Did you mean to include a photo so people could guess? Or do you want random guesses? grin

ShalomToYouJackie Sun 22-Nov-20 15:52:12

Curious to know what everyone thinks about what? Not finding out the sex? It's entirely up to you!

SentientAndCognisant Sun 22-Nov-20 15:48:41

I did not ask the sex of my babies, it’s lovely surprise

karliatkinsonx Sun 22-Nov-20 15:46:16

So I had my 12 week scan on Friday, although I’m nearly 13 weeks. Me and my partner have decided we are not going to find out the sex but we’re so curious to know what everyone thinks?!

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