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Has anyone found out they are pregnant later on and haven't been leading a healthy lifestyle?

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babylovebaby Sun 22-Nov-20 14:42:36

I'm 31, married and starting TTC baby number two in April. My periods aren't very regular but I thought I would "know" I'm pregnant by how I was feeling so decided to not obsess about testing and only test if I started having symptoms etc. My first pregnancy I was sick at week 4 so thought I'd be able to judge it by this.

Silly me.

Yesterday I was having a winter clear out ready for the Christmas mess and pile ups and found a pregnancy test and thought what the hell and to my surprise it was positive.

I then convinced myself the test was old so may not be accurate so went to the supermarket and bought a clear blue digital and it showed 3+

After some working out I realised I'm just a little under 8 weeks pregnant! yes great and so excited as we have been trying BUT I've not been very healthy.

I've been drinking, smoking and eating without restriction (about a glass of wine or two a day, about 5 cigs a day and all the cheese and deli meats I can get my hands on)

I'm going to get a private scan ASAP as I can't deal with the fact I've been living this way and can't wait to 12 weeks to find out if I've hurt my baby.

Is there anyone else out there who didn't find out they were pregnant to quite later on and smoked/drank? If so, was your baby OK?

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cakecakecheese Sun 22-Nov-20 14:46:48

Not me as it's an IVF baby but I genuinely know loads of people who have done the same and the baby was fine. The NHS website says not to worry as long as you quit it all now.

doodledo92 Sun 22-Nov-20 14:48:48

Hi yes me. With my first. Wasn't trying and my periods were all over so didn't think much of it, I then realised I'd not had period in months so decided to take a test and boom it was positive.
Doctor send me for an early scan due to having no idea how far I was and I was 11+4 weeks.
I was also very worried, I'd been out drinking and partying every weekend but luckily baby was fine. He's now an healthy 16 year old.
Try not to worry sure all is fine

Mysa74 Sun 22-Nov-20 14:58:22

I wouldn't worry op. I found out at 24 weeks (6 months) purely by accident. No symptoms at all. Contraception failed. Perimenopausal so lack of periods not unusual. Dad had been very ill with cancer, 2 other children to rush to after school clubs and 3 horses to look after twice a day so stressed out of my tree and paying no attention to myself... I work in a hospital aseptic unit, my job involves using nasty cleaning chemicals on an hourly basis and preparing chemotherapy doses day in day out. All tasks that people who are even trying to conceive aren't allowed to be involved in, nevermind pregnant ones. I was scared witless when I found out, was sure baby would have three heads and eight arms or glow in the dark. I had an emergency dating scan the day after dad died and my perfectly healthy and adorable daughter was born at 41+1...

YolandiFuckinVisser Sun 22-Nov-20 15:02:13

I was 9 weeks when I found out I was pregnant with DD. Excessive alcohol, smoking and recreational drug use. She was fine, huge at birth and no developmental problems. She's 13 now.

ShitXmasCracker Sun 22-Nov-20 15:17:00

With both of my children, I wasn’t at all healthy until I found out I was pregnant. In fact, both times I’d got hideously drunk in the first few weeks, smoked and did all sorts of things you’re probably not supposed to do when you’re pregnant.

I actually thought I was vomiting from a hangover after a big new years party with DC2, but in retrospect, it was probably morning sickness!

NeedToKnow101 Sun 22-Nov-20 15:47:23

Hi I had been to a barbecue and got really drunk without realising I was pregnant, and also drank regularly at that time (party animal) until I found out (unplanned).
I stopped as soon as I knew I was pregnant. I was worried tbh how the affect my drinking might have had, I think that's natural. My 16 year old DS has always been absolutely fine; no learning difficulties etc. Please don't worry because it won't make any difference. Be healthy going forward for the baby growing inside you. ❤️

luxxlisbon Sun 22-Nov-20 15:50:25

If your periods aren’t very regular you could still be less than 8 weeks.
I don’t think 8 is even that late to find out and most people have had a drink before their BFP so try not to worry!

TotalBitch Sun 22-Nov-20 15:51:46

Not me, but yes, this happens so much!

Be super healthy now and I'm sure it will all be fine flowers.

PFin Mon 23-Nov-20 03:07:00

Like you I found out around 8 weeks. I was sure I was pregnant and took a test and came back negative so thought I wasnt and my body was just being weird. My cycles are usually a bit longer than the standard 28 days also dont mark when they happen so I was thinking i must of had a period more recent than I thought. But when I found out I felt awful, i dont drink that much but i had actually went away for a week with family to a cottage and drank alcohol every night, my diet wasnt great, wasnt drinking enough water and obviously wasnt taking any folic acid. But 16 weeks nows and had 3 scans and all seems well! Dont beat youself up you didnt know just take care of yourself from now on!

squeekums Mon 23-Nov-20 04:09:36

I found out at 27 weeks
I had zero symptoms, like any symptom you ever heard of, I didn't have it.
In that time I was smoking, drinking, taking drugs, working erratic hours at festivals, broke my foot and self medicated with high volume pain killers, was going on carnival rides that pull 4 to 5g of force and speeds of 120kph
Dd was born to term, healthy and we had no issues. She now 10
Try not to worry OP

Itllbeaninterestingchristmas Mon 23-Nov-20 05:10:51

I thought i was 8 weeks and was actually 22 weeks. I did take medication. I’m not a big fan of wine so had only had a few drinks but my diet wasn’t good. It wasn’t good in pregnancy number 1 either and each time I’ve grown good sized very healthy babies so I wouldn’t worry.

SarahFrances89 Mon 23-Nov-20 17:33:23

I didn't know until I was around 12 weeks, I don't smoke but had been drinking a cider or two a day (start of first lockdown!) I'm due Christmas Day but everything has been fine so far as I'm sure it will be for you, I'd try not to worry!

Mollyboom Mon 23-Nov-20 17:36:11

Yes- me. Baby was fine. Stopped smoking and drinking as soon as I found out obviously and started on the folic acid but don;t beat yourself up as stress isn't good for the baby either. Good luck

Violetbeau Mon 23-Nov-20 17:46:22

You definitely don’t need to worry about the cheese, you would know if you had listeria in that time! I personally wouldn’t worry about the wine either if it were me, there’s plenty of evidence that a glass a day isn’t harmful. It’s an increased miscarriage risk in the 1sttrimester but you’re obviously still pregnant.

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