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Diarrhoea every morning in 1st trimester?

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SunnySideUp2020 Sun 22-Nov-20 14:21:19

Had the same and stopped around 10 weeks.
It horrible. I used some rehydration sachets some days.
When i had my MC i never had it. So don't think it related...

LittleTiger007 Sun 22-Nov-20 13:47:15

Yes I’m the same and I’m now 14 weeks. I’m just glad that I don’t have constipation which leads to piles! The battle is keeping hydrated. I’m drinking loads.

Garman Sun 22-Nov-20 10:31:48

I've had this in all 3 pregnancies, baby definitely isn't dehydrated, at that stage it's still living off the yolk sac and not really you/placenta, it can't get dehydrated that early.

Crazycatlady83 Sun 22-Nov-20 10:14:24

I have this. It’s exactly the same symptom as I had with my DS (who is 5 now!) so for me it was nothing to worry about! The baby will take what it needs from you

Nesski Sun 22-Nov-20 10:06:54

@GlasgwegianMama mine switches between constipation and diarrhea, 9 weeks now and my bodily functions are all over the place. Extremely gassy between 5-8 weeks and the whole time very bloated, think beached whale rolling around in bed at night trying to get comfy grin

Jacky209990 Sun 22-Nov-20 09:57:31

I had the same, stopped by 11 weeks. I would only really worry about dehydration if there are other signs dark urine, dry skin and signs of urine infection. However, the chances of dehydration from loose stools once a day is very unlikely, especially if you are drinking enough fluid.

3rdtimelucky2019 Sun 22-Nov-20 09:40:32

(oh and in my previous 2 miscarriages, I didn't have it so it's not necessarily a sign).

3rdtimelucky2019 Sun 22-Nov-20 09:40:09

Yep I've had the same - and most evenings too. Baby at this point is parasitic in nature so will get everything they need from you, despite what is going on.

Sophierella24 Sun 22-Nov-20 09:29:06

Hoping this will reassure you...I had exactly the same and posted myself about this at the time! Every morning without fail I would be on the toilet with diarrhoea and I was worried sick! It lasted quite a few weeks then suddenly stopped - I am now 21 weeks and all is well 🥰
It seemed the sickness started and the loose stools stopped. Good luck, try not to worry! Xx

GlasgwegianMama Sun 22-Nov-20 09:06:28

(Sorry if this is TMI!)
Hey guys, I’m 7 weeks 4 days pregnant and super anxious!

I’ve had diarrhoea every single morning for the past 2 weeks and it’s making me worried that the baby is dehydrated or is a sign of miscarriage...has anyone else had this experience? There’s no blood or mucus but every single morning without fail I’ve had loose stools. Seems to only be the morning though, I don’t go at any other time in the day!

I’m just a bag of nerves and can’t stop worrying sad I had an early scan at 6 weeks 3 days and we saw a heartbeat which is great but can things still go wrong after seeing the heartbeat or should I take that as a good sign and not worry about the tummy problems?

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