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C-Section advice

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Floopyandtired Fri 27-Nov-20 22:22:19

Honestly, yes I have a bit of an overhang. But I was overweight before I got pregnant, so I only have myself to blame! Other than that I don’t notice many more changes to my body. My boobs are a tad sadder and my hips a little wider, but I imagine that’s normal regardless of the type of birth you have.

BookishEm Fri 27-Nov-20 21:46:32

Thanks for all these responses! I haven’t been on this week and hadn’t seen any of these till now! I think I’m just getting more anxious the closer I get to it and the more real it becomes. I know my body is going to change forever and that’s the case regardless but until recently I hadn’t really thought about the difference in post birth bodies depending on the birth you have. The overhang is actually giving me the fear. What was you ladies experience of this?

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Floopyandtired Sun 22-Nov-20 16:21:49

And no bed bath! I had a waterproof dressing and showered the next day. You’re expected to be very self sufficient afterwards, which was fine by me as a bed bath sounds awful. You do have to pee into a cardboard thing over the toilet though and show it to the midwife to “prove” you’ve gone 🙄

Floopyandtired Sun 22-Nov-20 16:18:56

I had a planned CS with my fine. It was honestly fine. A few days beforehand I had a pre-op, the worst bit about that is you have to swab around your bits for MRSA! I assume during these times you’d have to get a Covid test too.

On the day itself you take a few tablets in the morning (anti sickness and some others I can’t remember). You have to shower but not shave as they will shave you before you go to theatre. You have to be at the hospital early, I had to be there at 7. The worst part of the waiting around for me was not being able to drink, I was so thirsty. When it’s your turn to go down you get taken to theatre and have the epidural done. At this point it really hit me it was an actual operation, if you know what I mean. The room was full of people and I suddenly panicked a bit but they’re great at keeping you calm.

The whole section itself is a bit of a blur, you don’t feel any pain but you do feel a lot of tugging and pulling.

Afterwards you’re taken back to labour ward, I had my own room luckily, and you get to have some tea and toast. The rest of the day the epidural slowly starts to wear off and the pain is sore but not bad. After a few hours they come and remove your catheter which I was dreading but it was fine, no pain. You then have to pee, something like twice in 5 hours, just to check all is working down there. Other than that they basically leave you to it.

My advice is take any painkillers you get given. You will be made to get out of bed on the same day, even though you won’t want to it is for the best. Pack slip on slippers and a comfy nighty. Loads of high wasted pants and maternity pads as you will bleed a lot. Recovery really isn’t that bad, I was walking round the supermarket on day 6 and driving 4 weeks later although would have felt comfortable doing it from about 3 weeks.

Sorry that’s a total essay, hope it helps!

ivfbeenbusy Sun 22-Nov-20 13:58:22

Procedure itself was fine and after care and recovery was good. Worst bit was probably waiting 4-5 days to 💩 as they give you medication the night before the c section to prevent you going (sorry TIMI 🙈!)
Also get some comfy big pants that don't irritate the c section area
Also milk might take a while to come in as obviously c sections aren't a natural procedure and body takes a few days to catch up

Nell96 Sun 22-Nov-20 13:54:13

Also, there was no bed bath. I was up and about a few hours later and had a shower the next day (unaccompanied!) The only slightly cringey thing was having the midwife change my sanitary towel and remove the catheter when I was back on the ward - but it's their job and they've done it millions of times, so try not to worry x

Nell96 Sun 22-Nov-20 13:50:47

I had a planned c-section and it was totally fine. We had to get to the hospital really early and wait our turn - it was a good few hours, so bring a book / magazine. It was pretty daunting walking into the operating theatre, but the staff were lovely and they played northern soul music. The spinal block was a bit weird - it didn't hurt, but I did feel a bit peculiar / faint immediately afterwards. The feeling of being completely numb from your waist down is odd! I honestly couldn't feel a thing - no pain. It all felt very calm and safe. It was also very quick- less than 2 mins from them starting to my baby appearing. I was pretty shocked when I heard the screaming! Took a while for them to put me back together. People say it feels like someone doing the washing up in your stomach, and that's very accurate! Bring big, spacious knickers, long nighties (nothing with an elastic waist) - think loose and flowing. Plus dressing gown, slippers and chocolate and chewing gum / mints.

It took a while for me to recover - naively thought I'd bounce back. I didn't. I pushed myself too far a couple of times, walking to the shops etc., so make sure you rest and get plenty of help. Getting in and out of bed was hard - the 'next to me ' crib was a mistake in hindsight, as it made it much more difficult. I had a mild infection, basically because of my tummy overhang, which meant that part of my wound wasn't getting enough air. Two lots of antibiotics did nothing, but sudacrem sorted it right out. I had to dress my wound everyday for months - at around 6 months I started to feel more normal again and started doing gentle excercise. Also, and this may be TMI, sex was very painful for a while, which I wasn't expecting at all. It was around 6 months before it was really possible, 8 before it was enjoyable. But I'm not sure how common that is - thought it might be worth mentioning. Hope that helps. Good luck with everything x

DieCryHate Sat 21-Nov-20 12:13:47

Mine was unexpected so I wasn't prepared. If I have another one the things I'd have ready or do differently are big high waisted knickers, no clothes that sit across the scar, keep it dry (have seen a hair dryer on cool recommended after showering), keep mobile but be careful of overdoing it (I reopened part of mine just by going for a long walk pushing the pram, I then caught the scab on my jeans about a week later as I didn't follow the advice I've put above!). Keep on top of pain meds in the early days, don't wait until it hurts. Also you may need blood thinning injections, I did my own before being discharged so I knew I would be alright doing them at home.

Honestly it was fine though. Any signs of infection get straight on the phone to the GPs, mine got infected and they really looked after me and got it sorted.

BookishEm Sat 21-Nov-20 11:54:51

Hello ladies,
I’m due March 1st but looks like I’ll be having a c-section so probably get a date sometime in the last week of February and have lots of questions! Basically I want all the TMI truth you can give me about what I should expect and any tips you have! I read somewhere about a bed bath... 🙈 and what should I bring with me to the hospital? Lay it all on me ladies!

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