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Does anyone know where the Mamas & Papas Factory Outlet store is?

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jellyjem Thu 18-Oct-07 10:57:52

I'm hoping theres one near the Midlands somewhere. Searched on Google but can't find anything.

fifisworld Thu 18-Oct-07 11:07:54

if you google mamas and papas outlet it brings up quite a few, dont know if any of them are near you though

md32 Thu 18-Oct-07 11:56:31

Hi There is one in Huddersfield but not sure where else, if you ring the number for mammas and papas (I think its one number for all stores) they will be able to tell you if there are anymore.

Gobbledispook Thu 18-Oct-07 11:57:31

One at Cheshire Oaks in Chester I think.

Amester Thu 18-Oct-07 12:14:51

Not sure if this is what you mean but I bought loads of M & P stuff from Just Kidding in Birmingham - you get between 10% and 15% off the usual price. I think the website is www.just-kidding.com (or co.uk).

bozza Thu 18-Oct-07 12:22:07

The actual factory is in a suburb of Huddersfield and there is a factory shop there.

Cherrypie32 Thu 18-Oct-07 13:18:07

There is one in Hanley, Stoke on Trent. It is part of an actual shop so if you find the shop on net that will be it. I bought my cot there recently at around 1/2 full catalogue price. They ad loads of prams, buggies and cots mainly.

ELB1 Sat 20-Oct-07 11:32:25

hi there

I'm not sure about a Mamas and Papas factory outlet, but there is Baby Equipment Complete in the Midlands - it's just outside Rugby.
They don't sell their Mamas and Papas stuff on the website, but if you visit the place (it's mahoosive btw) then they stock loads of it and it's all much cheaper than normal price. I went there and spent a small fortune.
You can check out the website to get a feel for the place at www.babyequipmentcomplete.com although as I say, you can't buy any Mamas and Papas stuff online - I don't think they are allowed by M&P to advertise that they sell cheaper.

janestillhere Sat 20-Oct-07 11:58:37

The one at Hudderfield is still there I think, but it's quite small and doesn't have a large selection of stuff.
I wasn't too impressed I'll be honest.

Orchide Sat 20-Oct-07 12:02:20

Yes, the Hudds one is still there...and yes, it is a disappointment!

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