Hole in upper teeth! Has anyone had this issue in pregnancy

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maymay6575 Tue 17-Nov-20 16:31:56

I had a dentist appointment I knew I had a hole in my upper tooth and I was getting the symptoms of it because I'm pregnant the dentist can't give a X-ray which I understand but I thought he would fill the tooth or something instead he cleaned out the hole and packed this dressing inside I tasted a bit of clove oil he said he packed the hole so no more food can get inside

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maymay6575 Tue 17-Nov-20 16:49:00

And is clove oil safe ?

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shadesofcool Tue 17-Nov-20 22:51:44

Perfectly safe in pregnancy! It is however more of a temporary fix than permanent so I’d try calling back to see if you need an appointment for a permanent filling, however due to covid this may be restricted depending on the practice.

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