10 days late! Anyone got pregnant despite using condoms?

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Ygritte84 Tue 17-Nov-20 10:26:58

Condom didn't break - at least, not obviously. We had it on the whole time.

I am 10 days late, I keep having abdominal cramps, and was sick this morning (as in, I threw up).

Took a FRER a few days ago, BFN - but it was an old test, and not sure it was stored properly. Re-testing today, quite nervous! Did anyone get pregnant despite using condoms?

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physicskate Tue 17-Nov-20 11:03:49

Sure. No contraception is 100%.

However, it's also possible to ovulate later than you normally do. Stress can cause that. Any change can (renewed lockdown?). Ovulating later causes your period to be late by the same number of days.

Ygritte84 Tue 17-Nov-20 11:54:06

Thanks @physicskate. I have been stressed quite a lot during the pandemic, but that has been going on for a long time - this month is no different.

I am planning to call my GP if nothing happens by early next week...

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physicskate Tue 17-Nov-20 12:22:26

A gp likely won't do anything until you've missed one or two periods, in the absence of a positive test or any other symptoms. They might, but I wouldn't go in with high expectations.

Even if it's unusual for you, late ovulation or anovulation is very very common.

ZombieAttack Tue 17-Nov-20 12:35:16

Get another test and take that before you go down the GP route. At ten days late they aren’t going to do much as a pp said. You could have ovulated later than you think.

ComeOnGordon Tue 17-Nov-20 12:37:26

Yeah he’s 14! Didn’t notice the condom had broken or slipped off

MsHedgehog Tue 17-Nov-20 13:02:04

@ComeOnGordon Huh?


EmilySpinach Tue 17-Nov-20 13:06:00

I think @ComeOnGordon is saying that the product of the failed condom is now 14, and that at the time she and her partner didn’t notice a condom failure.

ComeOnGordon Tue 17-Nov-20 13:10:52

Exactly @EmilySpinach. As far as we both knew the condom was doing it’s job but I was still somehow pregnant and that boy is now 14!

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