Gestational sac not round- any positive stories?

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Bobs82 Mon 16-Nov-20 22:23:41

Hi all
I posted last week as I had been told that the sac was flattened. Today I have seen it again and it is not flat it is just more oblong shaped. I’m 4/5 weeks and my hcg levels were doubling but haven’t the last time (only a 28% rise). I’m told it doesn’t look viable due i the levels and the shape of the sac.
Has anyone had any success with either of these issues? Many thanks in advance

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MoreRainbowsPlease Mon 16-Nov-20 22:26:47

I had an oblong/oval sac when I had an early scan due to concern over a possible ectopic pregnancy. Scan wasn't seen until 6 weeks, but when it was it was definately not round and quite flattish. Nothing was mentioned to me at the time though and DS1 is 15 now. I have no idea what my HCG levels were doing though.

Bobs82 Mon 16-Nov-20 22:30:07

@MoreRainbowsPlease thank you for sharing. I know I need to be realistic but it is nice to hear some positive stories too x

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