Recommendations of pregnancy yoga youtube videos?

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Violetbeau Mon 16-Nov-20 22:51:26

I’ve been using yogini Melbourne, she’s Australian and has a few prenatal ones. Occasionally she says something about connecting with the baby but not in most of them.

Muriel84 Mon 16-Nov-20 14:56:04

@MimiDaisy11 do you have amazon prime? There’s quite a few prenatal ones on there. I’ve been doing the yoga international ones and the ones with Rikki for weeks. I like them cos they’re short so I can easily do 20-30mins before work each morning. Not at all to do with bonding or anything, more just hip opening etc. and other stuff useful for prenatal period. I skip the relaxation bits if there are any 😬

Also my yoga studio has started a 12 week women’s yoga course which is suitable for prenatal and postnatal women which is handy!

Gutted to be missing out on face to face pregnancy yoga classes as 28weeks ftm and probs won’t have the time if there’s a next time around! X

jamie980 Mon 16-Nov-20 14:01:12

Would definitely avoid any of the hardcore abs focused ones but most I’ve found I only need to change a couple of things - doing an opposite open twist instead of a closed one for instance. Or cat cow instead of cobra xx

MimiDaisy11 Mon 16-Nov-20 13:17:11

Thanks for replies. I had come across Adrienne but forgot about her, will definitely look her up.

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Wanderdust Mon 16-Nov-20 12:58:07

That's good to know @jamie980 - I'm also 10 weeks right now (totally missed that the OP is too) so that's reassuring to hear Adriene has been good throughout! I've found a lot of the pregnancy yoga and workouts too easy at 10 weeks so just been doing my usual (so far!). Great advice to do your research and listen to your body smile

jamie980 Mon 16-Nov-20 11:30:04

I’ve been doing yoga with Adrienne throughout (now 28 weeks) and not just her pregnancy playlist. I just adapt some of the poses in her other videos where necessary but find most of them are still suitable. Have a good read up on the poses to avoid at different stages of pregnancy - things like closed twists (the ones where you twist in on yourself that squish your belly), belly down poses like cobra, inversions and lying flat on your back after a certain point. I found some good articles that suggested alternatives for some of the no-nos, and basically just listen to my body. At 10 weeks I didn’t need to adapt very much at all. But obviously I’m not trained so do plenty of your own research, consult your midwife and listen to your own body! X

Wanderdust Mon 16-Nov-20 10:06:06

I've been looking too! Before I fell pregnant (and during lockdown), I did Yoga with Adrienne. She only has a couple of older specific pregnancy yoga videos but, fortunately, she also has a play list on her YouTube channel where there's a collection of her workouts that are safe during pregnancy (so not specifically for pregnancy but might be a good thing as no creepy baby talk ha ha). I'd really recommend her in general, seems like such a sweetheart and she's not annoying like some other YouTube fitness gurus! She has a very soothing manner. There's 11 videos in the play list:

Good luck!


MimiDaisy11 Mon 16-Nov-20 09:57:03

Unfortunately the classes I went to are closed and they recommend pregnant women don't do them anyway. I wanted to continue to do yoga and have tried to find good videos on youtube which are safe if you're pregnant (I'm only 10 weeks). Unfortunately, a lot I've come across creep me out - they keep talking about the baby dancing around in me and weird things like that. I just want to do yoga to relax and I'm not interested in yoga classes as some bonding exercise or to focus on the baby's growth etc. So I'm looking for pregnancy-safe classes which aren't baby obsessed in how the instructor talks. Any recommendations?

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