40 week midwife appointment

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ilovethecold Sun 15-Nov-20 21:27:09

I was just wondering tomorrow I have my 40 week appointment with my midwife , will I be offered a sweep?

Tomorrow I’ll be 39 & 6 days

Thank you 😊

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eleanorsos Sun 15-Nov-20 22:11:09

I have my 40wk appointment tomorrow too, I'll be 40+2. I think it varies between hospitals, mine have said they'll offer a sweep at 41 weeks if no movement before then, but a friend a nearby trust was offered one at 40 weeks - so seems to be luck of the draw!

Hope all goes OK for you and fingers crossed for some action for us both soon! 😊

NameChange30 Sun 15-Nov-20 22:15:32

If you're offered one you can decline.
If you want one you can request it.
I advise you to do some research into the pros and cons of sweeps if you haven't already done so.
There is a small risk they could accidentally break your waters and then if labour didn't start naturally soon after that they would want to induce you.

Superscientist Sun 15-Nov-20 22:48:07

At my 38 week appointment my midwife told me she would offer me a sweep at my 40 week appointment.
I gave birth at 38+6 weeks so didn't have my 40 week appointment. You might not be offered it as you are less than 40 weeks - how strictly this is followed varies.

My waters broke before labour and I was offered a sweep at 38+6 if there weren't signs of contractions on the ctg (there was). My friend at the same hospital 2 days earlier wasn't offered a sweep under the same conditions because she was only 39+4 weeks.

ilovethecold Sun 15-Nov-20 23:21:46

@eleanorsos I think mine does at 40 weeks but not sure as I'm a day off being at 40 week if they will offer me one or not.

@NameChange30 thank you - I'll look up the pros and cons , my boy was 37 weeks so didn't have a sweep last time.

@Superscientist interesting to know - thank you , this is what I think will happen tomorrow , my midwife wasn't at my last 2 appointments so wasn't sure

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ilovethecold Sun 15-Nov-20 23:22:21

@eleanorsos also good luck to you smile

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Lockdownmum1010 Sun 15-Nov-20 23:39:00

In my trust you are offered a sweep at 40 weeks for your first, but 41 for subsequent ones. It's totally up to you of you accept the offer (I did, as was pretty desperate to get things moving!!) but obviously there's no guarantee it will work (I had 3 sweeps and was finally induced at 40+12!)

Good luck!


Oatmilk1 Mon 16-Nov-20 08:20:20

I was first recommended to move my 40w appt to the actual day (a saturday) rather than 39+6 so that they could offer me a sweep. However I already knew I would decline the sweep so I kept it on the Friday. They still offered me a sweep at 39+6 (which i still declined).

ilovethecold Mon 16-Nov-20 14:06:50

Was offered a sweep and I gladly accepted got another booked for next week , hopefully things get moving


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