BFP after IVF and spotting - stories of hope pls

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Jellybean81 Sat 14-Nov-20 20:35:55

On Tuesday I got a bfp after a fresh round of IVF. It’s been a long and difficult journey (involving surgery for adhesions after multiple failed frozen cycles) to get to this after a really straightforward successful cycle six years ago.

Due to my age (nearly 40) the doctors were really surprised that I over 25 eggs, which resulted in OHSS which through meds and lots of water managed to get under enough control for fresh transfer.

Since I got the much wanted positive test I have been spotting on and off (pink,brown, occasional red). I’m on fragmin (blood thinners) for the ohss and progesterone. I spoke to the clinic earlier this week and I’ve an appointment on Monday about the ohss, follow up scan isn’t until end of the month.

Have blood thinners caused bleeding in early pregnancy for any of you?

I know no one can say what’s going on but I guess I’m looking for stories of hope to get me through until then as I feel so sad 😞

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Quail15 Sat 14-Nov-20 20:44:01

Hi congratulations on your bfp. I had lots of bleeding during the first 9 weeks with my IVF pregnancy. I also had a heavy bleed at 6 weeks which turned out to be a hematoma. I was told that the IVF drugs that help to thicken your lining make you more prone to bleeding - that was my experience anyway.
My daughter has just had her second birthday so all was fine in the end. I do remember how scary it was and how desperate i was to get to 12 weeks. It really is stressful. I have everything crossed for you X x

Jellybean81 Sat 14-Nov-20 20:48:35

Aw thank you so much for replying and for the positive story!
With my first I had a haematoma which was terrifying but I don’t remember the blood starting so early - I know we were definitely at the point where we could go and have scans and see an active jellybean. Right now is just so early.

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Parkandride Sun 15-Nov-20 07:59:09

Amongst my ivf friends 100% of us had bleeding, its so much more common after ivf. You've been through so much with OHSS I'm sure it'll just be all of that area being extra sensitive. Wishing you lots of luck flowers

kell5120 Sun 15-Nov-20 11:30:05

huge congrats on your bfp! i bled every day from 6+4 to 8+1 after frozen transfer (was on clexane). currently 23 weeks and all fine – nurse at clinic put it down to implantation bleeding.

MuchTooTired Sun 15-Nov-20 11:39:49

I was told by my mw that spotting is normal due to the amount of progesterone I was on. She said to only worry if there was lots of fresh red blood.

I don’t remember spotting (DTs are nearly 3 now) but I had low ovarian reserve and needed extra stims to produce 6 eggs so pretty much the opposite scenario. I don’t know if this was why I didn’t have spotting, maybe I wasn’t making enough hormones myself.

Good luck though, I’ll be keeping everything crossed for you 💐

Jellybean81 Sun 15-Nov-20 17:47:10

Thank you all for the positive stories! I've been taking it as easy as I can this weekend and the bleeding/spotting seems to have stopped - sorry for tmi - I'm now getting small brown stringy clots when I wipe. Makes me hopeful that whatever was going on has settled.
I'll come back and post how I get on at the clinic tomorrow

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ArtfulScreamer Sun 15-Nov-20 19:24:46

Are you on cyclogest pessaries? They irritated my cervix which caused spotting until I switched to back door.

SamoyedFan123 Sun 15-Nov-20 20:40:48

@Jellybean81 congrats on your BFP and good luck for tomorrow 😊
I dint have any answers but am in a similar situation - i had my BFP two weeks ago after a frozen embryo transfer, and have had several small bleeds since. They seem to happen every few days and start with a few wipes of red blood, followed by some red spotting which quickly turns brown and is gone after a few hours. The first one happened the night before I got my BFP and I only tested because I was certain thy cycle had failed and I eanted to stop the hormone treatment. Each bleed is terrifying but my beta HCG blood tests have been good and the clinic has put it down to implantation bleeding. My scan is on Tuesday at 6+2 so I'm trying not to count my chickens until i see what's going on then.
When I had my fresh IVF cycle 2 years ago i also had OHSS and was on clexane but never had so much as a spot of blood despite being pregnant with twins.

Jellybean81 Sun 15-Nov-20 21:16:22

Thanks for the congratulations and all the positive stories.
I wish my clinic had shared some info about spotting and progesterone. They seem so laid back about it - I only have an appointment tomorrow because of the ohss pain. No offer of hcg tests or anything.
I was doing back door for the pessaries as meant I can carry on as normal but have switched to front in the hope that it brings the hormones closer to where needed. I know it's probably a coincidence but made the switch yesterday and there's been no more spotting so far today.
Good luck to all of you who are on this journey too!

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Pinktruffle Mon 16-Nov-20 01:35:15

I had brown spotting and red bleeding (at times quite heavy) from week 7 till week 13 of my IVF pregnancy. I was told there was clots in my lining but baby was fine. The midwife said bleeding and spotting in IVF pregnancy is really common and happens in 60% of cases. I'm now 38+3 and waiting eagerly to have the baby.

All the best with your pregnancy, I hope the outcome is positive for you.

Jellybean81 Sun 06-Dec-20 20:05:36

Just to give a quick update as I know how awful it is when you're searching and threads are just left.

The bleeding/spotting has been happening on and off combined with quite severe pain. When I went in for my scan at the ivf clinic this week I was sure they'd say nothing was there. To my surprise there was a lovely heartbeat and little one measuring to dates 7w3days. I'm not ashamed to say I burst into tears!

The nurse doing the ultrasound said she couldn't see the cause of the bleeding but as long as it stays as is not to worry - easier said than done.

They have discharged me from the clinic now, honestly without much advice so I'm hopeful that my referral for antenatal care comes through soon. I had issues with my cervix in my last pregnancy and need to know about whether I should continue progesterone.

Thank you to everyone who shared their happy stories and good luck to all the other mamas on the spotting roller coaster!

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SidVisk Sun 06-Dec-20 20:16:36

What a wonderful update OP.
I was just coming by to say when this happened to me with a heavy bleed after positive test for ivf I had twins! smile Take care and I hope all goes well.

elsaesmeralda Sun 06-Dec-20 20:36:04

Congratulations and best of luck xx

Jellybean81 Sat 13-Feb-21 10:27:18

Another update - I'm now nearly 18 weeks and all seems well due 19 July. Spotting stopped a few weeks ago. So please don't lose hope anyone else in this situation.

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Galgal15 Fri 05-Mar-21 13:54:50

Thanks so much for coming back with an update @Jellybean81. I'm going through the same now and can plenty of threads but so many are left incomplete. Congrats on your pregnancy and best of luck for the remainder of the term!

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