7 weeks and struggling positive vibes needed!!

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maudsid Sat 14-Nov-20 16:42:38

As per the title I'm 7 weeks with a very very wanted baby but frankly not enjoying any of it!
This last week has been awful, I spent most of last weekend in hospital with severe pains. Had a scan at 6+2 which ruled out ectopic pregnancy but bought up suspected pelvic inflammatory disease. Thankfully swabs ruled that out too. They think it is pain from my endometriosis stretching and tearing and also the fact I severely broke my pelvis 8 years ago. The pain is so horrific when it comes on I am on the floor and taking codeine. I also had some spotting this week so have another scan booked for Monday.
On top of that I feel horrifically nauseous 24/7 no vomiting but the GP has put me on cyclizine as I am dehydrated and struggling to eat and drink. I know it could be so much worse but honestly I want to eat NOTHING.
Positive vibes and stories please! Someone tell me this will all magically vanish soon!

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brunette337 Sat 14-Nov-20 16:45:59

Following. I’m also feeling nauseous constantly and today for the first time, I vomited 4 times within 2 hours this morning and I barely ate anything today

KelzDaily Sun 15-Nov-20 19:06:10

First of all, congrats!

Secondly, please speak to your doctor about the codeine. I’ve been on them for two years & I was told to stop taking them right away. You can only take 500mg paracetamol if & when you need them, but if you can help it, use a hot water bottle instead. I find that helps more with the cramps.

I went to the hospital today to check if I’m having an ectopic pregnancy because I’ve been getting a sharp pain in the left side of my abdomen, & a weird sickly dull ache in my left shoulder joint, & I know they are symptoms of it. They weren’t too worried & said it could just be growing pains & to go back if it gets any worse. It’s not to the point where I can’t handle it. It’s just not nice, you know? But I’m a baby when it comes to pain lol it’s my first pregnancy & I’m 5 weeks tomorrow, but I’m too nervous atm to be excited. I’ll be ok once I’m past the first trimester! 💜

HeyDW96 Sun 15-Nov-20 19:32:25

Bless you, it's not easy. With regards to pain I have no idea and it sounds horrendous but I felt the same at your stage! I was miserable, nauseated, tired and irritated BUT when I saw my little one wriggling away on the ultrasound it made it all worth it. I'm 12 weeks now and the last two weeks I feel like a different person, much happier, no nausea and a lot more content! I hope things get better, please don't feel guilty for not being thrilled with the morning sickness and constant reminders that you're growing another human!

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