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hi my job its kittenbaby.....

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kittenbaby Wed 17-Oct-07 11:07:56

hi myjob how are you? and your family?
sorry i havent been on here for a while my laptop is being v tempermental

so when is it your ds b'day?
and what hav you been upto ?
have you and your dh started trying for number two yet?
love kitten

kittenbaby Thu 18-Oct-07 13:03:55

hey myjob r u about x

kittenbaby Fri 19-Oct-07 13:54:30

hi my job hope you are ok xxxxxxxxx

myjobismum Fri 26-Oct-07 22:17:54

oh i have found you again!!!!! so smile have been endlessly typing on the old thread think you have disappeared into oblivion!

we are great thanks - was DS's b'day on weds cant believe my baby is 2! we had a great day thanks!

Have started new job - 3 weeks ago - tis ok!

havent started TTC yet - waiting til after xmas!

how r u anyway - been a while since we last caught up! glad you're still around!

how's DD?

hope ur all well and hope to hear back from you soon

kittenbaby Sun 28-Oct-07 16:11:40

hi my job, dont suppose your on here today are you?
dh is watching the footie [yawn]

we are doing great thanks getting settled into motherhood smile
had a great weekend went for a pub lunch on friday dh had a days holiday
shopping and tenpin bowling on sat and swimin 2day

so how have you been ?what have you been upto?
not long till xmas now !!!!
hows the job working out? what hours are you doing ? kitten xxxx

kittenbaby Mon 29-Oct-07 17:58:56


myjobismum Tue 30-Oct-07 11:42:20

hi there - phew we have found each other!

sorry didnt get on for few days - mil and family were staying (was nice!) and me and DH were unwell (wasnt nice!)

job is good thanks - not amazing cos is such a simple no brain work job - but the hours are great for us - sat 9-1 and sun 9.30-1.30!

sounds like you have had a lovely weekend! im really pleased things are beggining to settle now!

my car failed mot yesterday - needs about £200 worth of welding on it (right by christmas typical) no idea how i am going to afford it! sad

we normally go swimming on tuesday mornings with DS's little friend - but he is unwell so we cant go (ds's friend not ds!) and we have playgroup tomorrow - visiting friend on thurs eveing and grandma (my mum) friday morning - busy busy - feels like i never stop - but Ds needs to be kept quite busy!

how old is DD now? ds was 2 last wednesday - we had a little party and it was really great (was expecting it to be a disaster cos most things i do usually are wink ) but was wonderful and all children very good and lots of pressies and cake etc etc smile

all i really need is to sleep - DS over excited all weekend cos family down (his nanny - DH's mum - has a 7yr old and a 17mth old that stayed too) so DS was up at 5.30am yesterday and 5am this am shock and we didnt get to sleep til gone midnight!

well hope to hear from you soon - and take care of yourselves!

myjobismum Fri 02-Nov-07 19:49:34

how r u today? smile

myjobismum Tue 06-Nov-07 14:51:21


kittenbaby Sat 10-Nov-07 17:13:37

hi myjob x sorry i havent been on here for a while ,my laptop is playing up ,sometimes i can get on the internet sometimes i can't ,dh is going totally wipe it and start again so hopefully ill be back soon,
how are you and the family?
what have you been upto

well today weve been for a walk round our local holiday park,bloody freezing !and totally dead
then we went to b and q to get a new lioght switch for the bedroom as the old one broke [very hazordous] lol

dd is doing great and still sleeping well,bf is going much easier now started getting easier after about 16 weeks !!
how long did you carry on bf for ?
only another month and dd is 6 months can you believe it ?the time has flown

hows the car is it mot'ed now ?

love kitten x

myjobismum Sat 10-Nov-07 19:55:02

hi there - hope you get your laptop sorted out soon sad

we are always busy here at the moment - our week runs..... mon - DH off, Tues - take DS swimming, Wed - toddler group (but will be preschool from beginning of december), thurs - Ds friend round to play, Fri - visit mum and generally go shopping, sat and sun - work a.m. - and then it all starts again grin

cant believe how quick time has flown - i remember when we first spoke and you were 37weeks pregnant - 'tis mad!

I am glad that the BF is much easier now - i BF up until DS was 7mths as had to go back to work - but next Dc i plan to feed for at least a year (or as long as can handle dirty looks/comments from people for wink )

Mot is all done now, but was tbh a complete and utter PITA - but didnt cost as much as they quoted in the end for repairs (not sure why but didnt complain grin ) so we're back on the road - lol!

hope to hear from you soon, and take care xxx

myjobismum Tue 13-Nov-07 19:42:54

smile just bumping the thread so i can keep track of it!

hope you are ok!

kittenbaby Wed 14-Nov-07 16:57:15

hi myjob
how are you what have you been upto ? well dd is now 20 weeks and doing absoultely great
dd was weighed today and has gained over 2lbs in the last 4weeks,so nearly 5 months in she has started to go up the charts,much to the hv annoyance as she thinks all baby must be weaned before 20 weeks,she is developing so well did her first little laugh 2 nights ago and smiles lots and even anticipates things like arches her back when shes about to be picked from her swing or car seat etc.
she is the picture of health
qhen did you wean ds?

myjobismum Wed 14-Nov-07 19:29:59

hi glad things are going so great with DD - i am very pleased for you!

Didnt wean DS until 6mths - and then was really really easy!

you never let me know how the hospital appointment went (ages ago) you were dreading it i know so hope it all went well and wasnt too horrid!

really really cannot believe its been 20 weeks smile thinking about having another yet?

take care and speak soon x

myjobismum Fri 16-Nov-07 21:03:20

hi there - how ru? hoping have caught u online as seen u post on another thread smile

myjobismum Fri 16-Nov-07 21:29:07

bumpity bump smile

myjobismum Wed 21-Nov-07 12:45:02

are you around kitten? just wondering how things are going smile

myjobismum Sun 25-Nov-07 21:08:28

another bumpity bump!

kittenbaby Wed 28-Nov-07 09:35:43

hi myjob how are you ? what have you been upto
sorry i havent been about you know what its like with a 5 month old xx

we we are fine dd was 5 months yesterday boy the time has flown
started to think about weaning etc now hoping to wait till 6 months
dd is still doing great gaining weight nicely and still sleeping through the night [kb whispers as to not jinx things]

gotta get a highchair and a few other bits soon

so what have you been doing ? started to get excited about ttc number 2 after xmas? not tempted to start trying now ?

love kitten

myjobismum Wed 28-Nov-07 12:53:37

<whispers> i have no more pills left - waiting for af and then will be TTC - though not actively - just going with the flow etc!

glad DD is doing so well - weaning is a fun time and yes a highchair is very helpful! we didnt wean DS til 6mths but he was happy that way so saw no reason to try before - he was still happy at 6 mths but thought we better start else we never would!
hope it all goes well!

i also cant believe how quick time has gone - ds is 2.1 and an absoloute pickle of a nightmare - it is just mad that i am trying for another - but ho hum!

speak soon i hope! are you planning on doing extended BF now as it going well or still want to stop around 6mths?

take care x

myjobismum Sat 01-Dec-07 19:14:20

just bumping so i dont lose it!

myjobismum Tue 04-Dec-07 21:58:22

DS starts preschool tomorrow morning!

hope you're all ok!

kittenbaby Sat 08-Dec-07 23:54:13

hi myjob how are you doing?and how are your famiily?

how did ds preschool go ? how did you feel seeing him go off to pre school?

do children normally go at 2 years old?
at xmas so cant wait
what age do they go to school is it 5?

well we are all fine pit up the tree today and the rest of the xmas decs looks lovely
dh has nearly 2 weeks off

we are having xmas at our house what are you doing?
is your dh working?

dd is doing great, still going with the bf and shes still sleeping great all my friends have told me i don'tnow how lucky i am
still loving being a mum
think ive made my mind up that i dont want to return to work after my mat leave runs out, or should i say my heart has made the decision for me
although im not due back till end of june 08 so id better wait till nearer the time i guess to totally decide

<whispers so the pills have gone then eh,bet your excited?>

love kitten

myjobismum Tue 11-Dec-07 11:28:36

hi i am ok thanks - my grandad died this weekend but bearing up fine consdiering.

DS loved pre-school - he was so excited and settled in like a dream - i felt a bit wierd but was happy for him - the time flew before i had to pick him up anyway! He is in a young class before the regular preschool starts at 2y9mth but he needs it really as he is such an active child and some1 offered to pay it for him as a present!

you're very lucky about having your DH home at xmas, DH is working every day from the 17th dec to 5th jan - bar the 23rd and 30th! so i am spending most of xmas day at my mums with DS sad !

sounds like you and DD are doing very well, i am so please to hear this after all the problems you were having smile

DS is just the most adorable thing in the world, sometimes he just drives me to my wits end but i still love being a mum - he is gorgeous and soooooo funny!

yep the pills have been replaced by folic aicd tablets wink so we will see - excited? well kind of, doesnt seem all that real yet, i do get a bit nervous/scared at times though thinking am i doing the right thing!

DS needs a wee, so better dash! grin

take care x

myjobismum Fri 14-Dec-07 20:04:17

a quick and smileey bump!

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