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Pregnant after mmc

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MrsMDD Sun 08-Nov-20 20:45:58

I know so many of us are in the same boat but has anyone gone on to have a successful pregnancy next?

I had a mmc in July and a chemical 2 cycles ago. Pregnant again 4 + 3 and I feel pregnant, I've cramps, sore boobs and head ache. Not sick yet and willing the sickness on as it was the only symptom I didnt have on my mmc (have 2 children previous to it) and had sickness on both of those. I'm freaking out and can't relax at all which I know won't help. I just want this baby so much but feel like it may be doomed like the last one. Anyone else the same?

The doctor won't prescribe progesterone or aspirin. Is anyone taking anything to help things along? I will book an early scan for around 7 weeks but finding it hard getting through each day without panicking about the worst

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3rdtimelucky2019 Sun 08-Nov-20 20:49:48

My ten month old was born after a MMC. I'd had a blighted ovum before that too.

I took 75mg aspirin from positive test onwards but it could just be a fluke that the third pregnancy stuck.

MrsMDD Sun 08-Nov-20 21:10:40

@3rdtimelucky2019 did you just take it or were prescribed? I'd feel better if I felt i was taking something to help!

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Lou98 Sun 08-Nov-20 21:16:51

I am currently 11+4 weeks pregnant after a mmc in March. We'd been TTC for 2 years and I've been a nervous wreck this full pregnancy. We had an early scan at 5+6 (thought I was 7 weeks) then one at 6+5 and another at 9 weeks. Probably seems excessive to some people but it helped settle my anxiety.

Got my 12 week scan tomorrow and although I'm nervous I feel a lot calmer after having the other scans and seeing the strong heartbeat.

I read that statistically it's very unlikely to have 2 mc's in a row! Of course it does happen but googling the stats really reassured me

Lou98 Sun 08-Nov-20 21:17:34

Also to add, I never took any aspirin or progesterone. I was worried about taking it without it being prescribed and my gp wouldn't prescribe unless more than 2 losses

MrsMDD Sun 08-Nov-20 21:21:14

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am the exact same i would want reassurance and looking at booking early scans now. regarding the aspirin I feel the same but I just wish I could do something to help! I found out at 9dpo so although im only 4 +3 I've known a week and its felt like forever. Were your dates wrong or was it down to a later ovulation?

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Britannah Sun 08-Nov-20 22:26:47

Yes I’m currently 29+2 after a MMC. I already have one DC which we conceived and carried fairly smoothly so when we lost the last baby it was totally unexpected and we were of course devastated. Early reassurance scans helped me, I had one at what I thought was 8 weeks but they told me I was measuring 7+3 and then one again at 10 weeks and by then baby caught up and I was actually measuring 11 so I would recommend if you go for one try and give it until 8 weeks. You will sadly feel anxious throughout this but it does get easier I promise and as a PP mentioned, the odds are highly in your favour. Remember that, it really helped me. Xxxx

readyforroundtwo Sun 08-Nov-20 22:36:23

I had a MMC and then went on to have my DS who is now 5. I'm pregnant again and although my last pregnancy was my DS, I still have all the anxiety from the pregnancy before him! I think when you've suffered a loss, that anxiety will stay with you for any subsequent pregnancies. You aren't alone, we all feel the worry and hope everything will be fine.

Mishmased Sun 08-Nov-20 22:54:23

@MrsMDD I had a miscarriage in July at 6 weeks after two straightforward pregnancies. Got pregnant in Sept and 10 weeks. I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms with my two apart from the bump but now I have every symptom possible.
My GP said no to progesterone as this is my first mc and we shouldn't get too worried. With regards aspirin I cannot have them and my GP has told me he's not (he's right imo) prescribing due to my clotting issues. So far so good 10 weeks on and yes I know what you mean about feeling doomed. Having a mc has tainted my view of pregnancy forever and I've only had the one.
Try to stay positive, try relaxation or meditation music. The one thing I tell myself is there is nothing I can do about it and take each day as it comes. That doesn't stop me from worrying but I know that worrying will bring more stress without benefits. I was glad to pass the 6 week milestone tbh. Hang in there, it will be well. Wishing you lots of strength.xx

3rdtimelucky2019 Mon 09-Nov-20 07:09:27

I wasn't prescribed. I read lots of verified medical papers and decided myself to do so.

Turns out I needed it anyway for 26 weeks as their is a family risk of pre-eclampsia

AnxiousAnnie86 Mon 09-Nov-20 09:51:20

@MrsMDD hey, I'm so sorry about your MC.... I hope you are doing well, I am six weeks today after a Mc, end I'm willing on sickness too as I didn't have it with Mc but did with DD so so badly x

Lou98 Mon 09-Nov-20 11:44:09

@MrsMDD yeah my dates were off, I was going by my LMP which made me 7 weeks but I do have a longer cycle than the standard 28 days it's based off. It's the one month I didn't track ovulation as was on holiday so wasn't 100% sure.

Just had my NHS scan today and turns out I'm 12+1 now!

MrsMDD Mon 09-Nov-20 16:37:14

@Lou98 delighted your 12 week scan went well congratulations!!

@AnxiousAnnie86 its so so nerve wracking isn't it. I had sickness on the 2 previous pregnancies and none on the mmc so I'm willing it on here too but no sign so far. 5 weeks on Thursday so maybe its still early days.

@3rdtimelucky2019 I am very tempted to just take it myself but obviously need to do some research first.

@Mishmased thank you for the reply I will try meditation i am trying to stay positive but sometimes the panic over comes me and i just cant breathe with the fear maybe the meditation will help.

@readyforroundtwo u think your right the fear never leaves you. Fingers crossed everything is all right for us

@Britannah thanks I will try remember that each time the fear hits!! Congrayulations on your pregnancy. I will try hold out until 8 weeks I was going to book for 7 weeks but id be so worried if I was less than I thought I was and they couldn't find a heartbeat. Hopefully all will be ok.

I really appreciate the replies you have all helped me so much I felt like I was going crazy with the worry x

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AnxiousAnnie86 Mon 09-Nov-20 17:41:41

@MrsMDD I try to tell myself they are all different. I've been getting quite bad bouts of it last two days, but nothing like with my daughter, I'm getting random sharp pains today abs it's terrifying me! My best friend has two daughters and was horrifically sick with one and not at all with the other! X

tsmainsqueeze Mon 09-Nov-20 17:53:44

My 3rd pregnancy was mmc , i had a bad feeling from the onset .
I conceived quite quickly after that , had a text book pregnancy that physically felt fine but i had lots of days where i was really anxious , i went for the ostrich approach and didn't see doc / midwife until 12 plus weeks , chose to not have a scan until i heard heartbeat, no tests either .It was such a relief to hold my baby in my arms.
Congratulations , i hope all goes well for you.

MrsMDD Mon 09-Nov-20 19:57:31

Thank you ladies for the reassurance its very much needed.

@tsmainsqueeze I had that horrible feeling from the inset of my mmc as well I felt like I just knew!! I dont know how I feel this time though I can't seem to separate my feelings of hope for a baby and worry of another mmc i dont really have a gut feeling this time just paralyzing fear!!

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Moo678 Mon 09-Nov-20 21:43:00

Hi OP. I’m currently 9+5 after a MMC at this time last year. I had a reassurance scan last week but that didn’t help much as I had one before my MC too (history of recurrent miscarriage). I had my booking appointment today and it felt so surreal -
Midwife was making all these plans and I was thinking ‘you probably won’t ever see me again!’

I’ve booked a private scan for Saturday and then my booking scan is on the 26th. Maybe if these are okay I’ll begin to let myself hope...

I’m under the care of the recurrent miscarriage clinic and take 150mg of aspirin once a day. I have progesterone pessaries but only to use in a threatened miscarriage which I haven’t had yet.

I hope all goes well for you this time around x

4Minions2CallMyOwn Tue 10-Nov-20 00:46:27

Hi. It’s very helpful to find this post. I’ve just tested positive after a MMC and ERPC in August. Due 23rd July.

Previously I’ve had straight forward pregnancies, so this loss hit my husband and I so hard. With the last baby we knew the due date before trying, planned the name etc. It was a real little person to us.

This time I feel so so hesitant and cautious, so scared and worried. I’m just taking 1 day at time and not letting myself get too excited. I’ve never had to worry before and now as another poster said my whole view of pregnancy has been tainted and it’s now a scary thing.

Thank you everyone for posting as it’s shown me that I’m not alone and the sharing of journeys is very supportive for me. I appreciate it so much! I too think once we’ve had a scan and seen a heartbeat we will feel more hopeful. Last time we went for a scan at 9 weeks to be told the heartbeat had stopped at 8 weeks and 3 days. So a positive scan will be so reassuring smile

Lots of happy thoughts for you all flowers

MrsMDD Mon 16-Nov-20 19:03:22

Thank you for sharing your stories ladies its definitely made me realise im not alone. Still no nausea here but I do feel odd so I'm hoping thats a good thing. I also went for a scan at 9.5 weeks and was told heart beats stopped (twin pregnancy) at 8 weeks and I now have a scan booked at 8 weeks (in 2 weeks). As you say it won't really be reassurance but I hope that everything will be ok and if it is ill book another for 10 weeks. Hopefully we will have two lovwly July babies @4Minions2CallMyOwn

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Mishmased Sat 21-Nov-20 15:02:26

@MrsMDD great to hear all is going well. The downside of a mc is that it affects the way you view any future pregnancy, almost taints it. I had two symptoms free pregnancies and always thought it was the easiest thing in the world. If we hadn't wanted a third I would have never known.

A positive outcome is that everyone talks about theirs when I mention mine. Prior to that I probably knew one person that had a mc.

I'm currently 12+4 and I took it day by day, now taking it week by week. Fingers crossed we come out the end with our babies. Hope you all have a good weekend.

GrandTheftWalrus Sun 22-Nov-20 11:14:19

I had a mmc in May. I'm now nearly 16 weeks.

I was worried till my scan but I booked an early one at 8wks and saw the heartbeat so I relaxed a bit then at my 12wk scan I was put on a week.

Crossfingersandtoes Sun 22-Nov-20 13:57:59

Happy to hear good news stories!! Have had two miscarriages and a couple of chemical pregnancies, over 40 and now nearly six weeks pregnant - finding it hard to feel any joy and mostly just feel anxious. Haven't contacted anyone for any appointments - will have a scan at 7 weeks to see how it is going before I do that.

I can't seem to believe this one could stick - but also I am desperately hoping I am proved wrong xx

Mishmased Sun 22-Nov-20 14:52:35

@Crossfingersandtoes congratulations! The worry is a nightmare but you will get through. I'm almost 13 weeks now and it'll the first few weeks were tough.

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