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Boymama89 Mon 02-Nov-20 06:42:44

Hi everyone
Hope you're all well? I found out on Friday I'm pregnant again. We had a mmc last month. I've had no period between my d&c and getting my BFP. I'm obviously stressing now over this pregnancy and it's viability. Would you guys think this is good line progression.
First test was Friday morning , second test was this morning.

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Diorissimo1985 Mon 02-Nov-20 06:46:51

Second line does look darker, yes.

However I think that given the previous loss you could ask for HCG levels to be checked and you can see if it’s doubling over 48 hrs. I think that’s the best way to reassure yourself rather than buying more home tests.

Best of luck and hope this works out, I’ve been there and you’ve just got to hang on and hope flowers

Oneandabean Mon 02-Nov-20 08:47:15

It’s definitely darker, just remember the test are designed to tell you pregnant or not, not how pregnant so they often cause more stress

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