Newborn Heart Rate Monitor - Recommendations? ?

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Lottie917 Sat 31-Oct-20 23:26:18

Hi all,

I'm 30 weeks with DS and currently trying to tick as much off my list of things to buy for bubba as possible.

My friend recommended a baby heart rate monitor (think the brand is Snuza Hero) that she uses for her little girl and said it gives her piece of mind at night especially.

If I'm being honest I had thought about buying something like this as I know I'll feel quite anxious about making sure he's breathing when sleeping as he is our first child.

I just wondered if anyone on here had used this brand or something similar, and if you would recommend using a product like this at all? Any advice appreciated!

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Katnissx Sun 01-Nov-20 00:24:23

We loved our Snuza and plan to use again this time round- gave me so much reassurance. If I could afford it though I would probably go for a Owlet Sock as they are more technical and tell you your baby's o2 saturation, heart rate and body temp and things like that, whereas the Snuza is just a motion sensor which picks up when the baby takes breaths (not a heart rate monitor) and alarms if breathing is not detected xx

LayingLow Sun 01-Nov-20 01:26:01

I had a heart monitor pad that went under babys matress to monitor her at night. An angel care one. It worked but was anoying because if you take them out of the cot without turning the pad off it will start the alarm off because it dosent detect babys breathing anymore 🙄

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