Spotting 4/5 days after intercourse

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Squashy20 Thu 29-Oct-20 15:36:00

Hi, I’m a mum to four children, aged forever 14, 14, 12 & 7. You’d think I’d be well experienced in this kind of stuff, but it appears I’ve forgotten it all. We’re not trying hard, but what will be will be. My question is I’ve had streaky blood stained discharge for two days now, 4/5 days after intercourse. All I’ve read says implantation bleeding is often a few weeks after intercourse, not days. Also a bit concerned as I had to cancel my smear due to being on my period a few weeks ago & haven’t re-booked yet, just incase I get pregnant 😣 (I’m fine with having a smear & have never missed one). Advice welcome x

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