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Farmerswife321 Wed 28-Oct-20 23:05:32

Hi, sorry for this long post..
I'm just wondering if anyone can advise me please or put my mind to rest. My periods are a bit irregular. My last 1 was 25th Aug. Missed Sept and tested but was negative. Tested again 10th Oct and it was positive 1-2weeks on clearblue. The following Friday I started bleeding, not as heavy as a period but a bit heavier than spotting. Rang GP who contacted EPAU and was told to wait 2 weeks and retest as I was too early to do anything else. Its day 14 tomorrow and I'm still bleeding a bit, I did another test and it's 2-3weeks on clearblue. Now I know they are notoriously inaccurate. But what's peoples opinions. Bleeding for 2 weeks, noone will see me but pregnancy test is going up, albeit slowly. I'm so confused. Thanks for any advise.

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Aprilbaby21 Thu 29-Oct-20 08:19:35

I wouldnt even bother calling the EPU, i would go down there, that way, they have to see you.

LittleTiger007 Thu 29-Oct-20 14:02:04

Yep as above. Or go to a&e hopefully you are still pregnant and many do bleed and still carry the baby to term, but it’s a massive worry for you and anyone bleeding for as long as you must be checked out. Good luck @Farmerswife321

Pickypolly Thu 29-Oct-20 14:11:46

EPAU don’t have to see you even if you turn up which you shouldn’t do given the COVID issues and security on the doors of the hospitals.

You could ring them and self refer for an actual appointment though.

Regarding the pregnancy tests, yes they are unreliable as I have had a positive test up to 3 weeks after miscarrying and bleeding actually stopping, so the information on these is not at all helpful, a waste of money in fact.

If they are saying 2 weeks, there’s reasons for this advice. I know it’s torture and you are desperate to know but it is a waiting game now.
If symptoms get worse or change then by all means, A&E or 111 for advice.
flowers all the best.

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