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ktsc89 Wed 28-Oct-20 13:26:10


I wondered if anyone has experience of being referred to a consultant for low BMI. I'm 16 weeks. At the beginning of my pregnancy, it was low, although I've always been the same weight and also same weight as my mum so nothing concerning to me.

Just been weighed today and I am on the cusp of low BMI. As borderline, they have referred me. My weight probably hasn't been helped by having extreme morning sickness/borderline HG .

Midwife said that at this stage nothing really changes for me and I should just expect a call. Can anyone let me know what to expect? And does it mean that I'm consultant led rather than midwife led? I would have been going to a midwife led unit in a small ish hospital for the birth. I Had been told previously if my low risk pregnancy became high risk pregnancy then I'd go to another hospital, so wondering whether my 'risk' levels have changed?

I have all these questions AFTER leaving my appointment, but any words of wisdom would be great.


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ktsc89 Thu 29-Oct-20 08:38:55

No-one had a similar experience? Not helped my worrying! Ah!

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Useruseruserusee Thu 29-Oct-20 08:44:34

Hi OP I have experienced similar. I generally have a BMI on the low end of the healthy scale but I had HG with my second pregnancy and lost enough weight to put me under this.

I was already consultant led / high risk due to how my first birth went so it didn’t change anything for me really. I was admitted to hospital for fluids fairly regularly as sometimes I couldn’t keep food or water down at all so I was monitored throughout.

As I was already high risk, it didn’t change anything about the birth. I had agreed an ELCS and this went ahead as planned.

Turtleturtle81 Thu 29-Oct-20 08:48:07

I was referred to a consultant, not due to low BMI, but for anxiety and PTSD. All my appointments have been 5 minute phone calls (only three my entire pregnancy).
You can be referred to a consultant but still have a midwife led birth - it depends on why you are being consultant led. I’ve been told I’m low risk (despite being consultant led) and they are happy for me to go to the midwife unit to give birth.
It’s probably best to ask your midwife. From my experience all my my appointments have run along the lines of “hi, everything ok? No issues? Great - I’ll ring you again in ten weeks”

SadSack39 Thu 29-Oct-20 08:48:49

Same.. just had extra growth scans, saw consultant couple times who didnt really do anything.. i put on a bit of weight naturally during the pregnancy and ended up in birth unit for low risk.. even though i was high risk initially

ktsc89 Thu 29-Oct-20 09:41:10

Thank you all. Dr didn't categorise me as HG as not hospitalised but I did lose over 5% body weight (one factor of HG) so I'm still putting that weight back on. I'm sometimes a bit sensitive about weight as I feel like skinny shaming is a thing (think Kate Middleton) and telling me to eat more cheese - which I do anyway - isn't really a tip and almost seems like a judgy comment sometimes.

Ok, so I wait for a phone call effectively and see how it goes and possibly more growth scans. It's good to know it won't necessarily make me high risk too so I'll check that out. I just feel a bit lost with the hospitals here (fairly new to the city) so as a high risk pregnancy would change where I'm going, I've made that worry me.

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Bea11 Thu 29-Oct-20 09:51:31

@ktsc89 with my first pregnancy I was put down as high risk for low BMI by the booking midwife and referred to a consultant. I had a consultant appointment a couple of weeks later and before I even sat down he said "well I can see that you're not high risk!". He moved me straight me straight back to low risk and said that as I was only just on the cusp of low BMI and naturally a petite person, I should never have been referred. I think sometimes the midwives err on the side of caution and refer to a consultant just in case.
Sounds like you'll be moved back to low risk once you have your follow-up appointment and if not, then there needs to be a good reason! Wishing you all the best x


annlee3817 Thu 29-Oct-20 10:03:12

I was consultant led from 21 weeks, high risk for other reasons, when I got to 36 weeks I was signed back to midwife led care,deemed as low risk and had my DD on the MLU, being consultant led can go either way, but anything in pregnancy can go either way

PolarBearStrength Thu 29-Oct-20 10:21:06

Seeing a consultant doesn’t mean that your birth will be considered ‘high risk’, just that you might need a bit more monitoring in the pregnancy. They may recommend some growth scans, and possibly even a chat with a dietitian, but provided everything stays normal, you’ll likely be able to birth wherever you like.

StaceImpactWfan Fri 30-Oct-20 21:59:40

I was in the same position with my first. Was considered high risk. I just had extra scans and then seen the consultant after each one. Was told baby would be lucky to be 4lb born he was actually 8lb 11oz everyone was shocked.

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