Morning sickness

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AnxiousAnnie86 Wed 28-Oct-20 12:57:01

Hi ladies, I'm currently 4 + 3, with my daughter I had hypermesis really badly, but it was 13 years ago! Now I'm paranoid I will have it again, ( but I don't care if that's what it takes) I keep getting little waves of sickness but nothing major, I can't remember when it started with my daughter or if it was suddenly....

Anyway my question is, for those of you with morning sickness, when did it start and was it sudden or gradual? Xx

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cat709 Wed 28-Oct-20 13:50:57

I was completely fine at 5+7 days. Then 6 weeks on the dot I woke up with hyperemesis and was sick from morning to dusk for 11 weeks.
I dread the thought of going through that again with a second child, but alas!
Get yourself those wristbands, dry biscuits by your bedside and don't be shy about demanding drugs from your gp x

AnxiousAnnie86 Wed 28-Oct-20 13:54:58

@cat709 thanks for your reply, with my daughter I was In and out of hospital until 20 weeks, but I just couldn't remember when it started..... I feel like it was really early.... but maybe not. Thought I may of dodged a bullet this time. But maybe not 😂

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cat709 Wed 28-Oct-20 13:59:09

As horrific as the sickness is, just think that morning sickness is a good sign of a blossoming baby!

AnxiousAnnie86 Wed 28-Oct-20 14:04:38

@cat709 honestly my journey has been so horrible to get here I would take morning sickness in a heartbeat! I was more worried about not having it yet then actually getting it I think! X

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