Plus size ladies? When did you start to get a bump...

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BessieBye Wed 28-Oct-20 11:19:02


I am 11+3 and let me point out... NOT expecting a bump anytime soon haha but thought I’d get some ideas..

I am comfortably size 18 (even tho my jeans have started to nip... so channelling my Regina George from Mean Girls and ‘sweatpants are all that fits me right now’ 😆). I also have a B belly shape already (where my tummy goes in at the belly button, looks like my BB has a hat on!! Hate it but what can I do now)

So, was wondering whether any other plus size ladies could share their experience of when they started to get a bump? I have fears everyday of not looking pregnant when I get further on!

Also... if anyone has a suggestion about where to get comfy skinny maternity jeans, please holla! I normally buy curve and plus size range stuff (I have a big butt and big boobs as well!) but by the looks of things, shops seem to think only average sized women get pregnant 😐

Tried a couple of size 18 maternity jeans and they didn’t go past my thighs.. can promise you I haven’t put any weight on!

Thanks smile

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Cherry111 Wed 28-Oct-20 11:27:08

Hi, I am a size 16-18 and I started to look properly pregnant about 21 weeks, looked more like a baby and less like pizza. I'll try and add a pic. By 25 weeks it was definitely more noticeable I was pregnant. Congratulations!

Foreverbaffled Wed 28-Oct-20 11:42:17

Congratulations on your pregnancy smile

I’m a size 18-20 bottom half (14-16 top half) and started showing by around 16 weeks - this is my second pregnancy though and with my first it was closer to 20 weeks. I had a B-belly for a while but massively popped out at around 26-28 weeks and have a lovely smooth bump now at 35 weeks (albeit with little under hang belly which gets squished out of the way when I wear jeans :D) You’ll look great whatever way you end up carrying.

BessieBye Wed 28-Oct-20 11:55:37

@Cherry111 @Foreverbaffled thank you for your comments and congrats to you both too!

So looks to be back end of second trimester for noticeable bump with ladies of a similar size! I’m sure I’ll be able to notice before other people can, but it’s nice to hear other ladies stories! smile

It’s also nice to hear the B belly could pop.. I hope so! And I hope it stretches it out so once baby is here, it’s gone 🤣 maybe that’s wishful thinking!

Thank you for that lovely comment that I’ll look lovely regardless 😊 I am so excited to ‘feel pregnant’.. pregnancy is something I’ve looked forward to for a lot of years. Of course having a child as well, but something so magical about what a woman’s body can do.

12 week scan on Monday.. I am nervous/excited.. probably more excited than anything else. I am not gonna be able to sleep on Sunday!

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Foreverbaffled Wed 28-Oct-20 12:04:20

Aww you’re welcome! Good luck for your scan, it’s so magical and makes everything feel real. Being pregnant can be quite up and down but I still marvel at how amazing the female body is every day. Just wait until you feel your first kicks flowers

LittleTiger007 Wed 28-Oct-20 12:34:44

Hello @BessieBye I was glad to see your post as I have wondered the same things. I’m 10.5 weeks and already sporting a mini B shaped podge. My stomach is definitely bigger and rounder and I’m wondering if I’m expecting twins! I have a scan on Saturday so we shall see. I know that early in it’s mainly bloat but since last week I haven’t felt bloated any more and it’s been smaller but firmer than it was last week. I am a size 18 below and am already wearing maternity leggings which are very comfy. I just can’t bear a waistband on my belly right now. I am bigger on top as I have big boobs which are rapidly becoming massive! In the past week they have become much more firm and heavy! Looking on line though I can’t seem to find any nice maternity bras my size. I’m wearing sports bras as they are infinitely more comfortable than anything with a wire right now. Leggings wise I have found ‘love leggings’ maternity leggings to be great. They are comfy, opaque and warm. They also come in long or petite which is good as I’m also tall.
Good luck with your scan on Monday! flowers

Aprilbaby21 Wed 28-Oct-20 12:37:08

Im a 16-18 (belly is 18 and legs are 16... so annoying)

2nd baby and got a bump bang on 12 weeks. Im now 16 weeks and i am pretty big (bump wise)


Bluejayway91 Wed 28-Oct-20 12:37:12

Hi OP,

I'm an 18-20 and started to get a bump around 16 weeks. It started as a B belly and took until around 28 weeks to be a proper round belly.

I'm 32 weeks now and bloody massive 😂

RandyGiles06 Wed 28-Oct-20 12:44:34

Hi OP, I was a size 20 and I noticed my bump properly at around 19/20 weeks. I had a B belly before but it turned into a lovely neat D bump, I was pleasantly surprised! grin I even got a couple of comments from strangers in my final weeks about how I didn’t look pregnant from behind which was always welcome!

kkr168 Wed 28-Oct-20 12:54:01

I'm a size 16, I added some pics showing my bump progress. I think I started looking pregnant rather then podgy around 22-24 weeks, bump really popped around 32 weeks. I've found new look & Asda jeans best for fit, although the Asda jeans faded really quick.

BessieBye Wed 28-Oct-20 13:05:11

Hello ladies! Thanks so much for your input. Good to see I was once again, worrying unnecessarily 😂 I sometimes look at my belly and just wonder if I’d look much different, maybe I’m being too hard on myself.

Congrats on your pregnancies. Bet you all look bloody gorgeous!

@kkr168 you are deffo slimmer than me, you look absolutely amazing before and during pregnancy! Sure you will after also 😊

Nice to hear B belly stories too!

I always thought the avg dress size in the U.K. was 14, but looks like in recent years it’s gone to 16. I am actually really pleased to hear this. A lot of women I know wear size 16/18, so it’s nice to see a size which is considered ‘plus size’ by a lot of places is our average. I was a size 16 from being about 14year old. I stayed that way until I met my partner at 21 and that’s when I put on a bit more weight. I honestly don’t care that much about my weight, I am healthy and happy and my OH loves me. As long as my baby is safe & healthy then that’s all that matters to me ❤️❤️

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LittleTiger007 Thu 29-Oct-20 15:43:32

Amen to that attitude @BessieBye! Finding a man who adored me just as I am was fairly key to me finally stopping worrying about it. Many men love a curvaceous woman! Add to that a baby bump and we are rocking femininity our way!
I’m size 18 trousers and 22/24 top because of giant boobs. In my 40s too and the doctor was impressed when I went to tell them that I’m pregnant. I’m not on any medication, blood pressure and standing heart rate are good. Doctors often tend to assume that being classed as ‘obese’ we won’t be healthy, active or fertile, when often that is just not true!

BessieBye Thu 29-Oct-20 16:03:08

Absolutely @LittleTiger007! A great comment.

Overweight doesn’t mean you can’t fall pregnant, as well as being a certain age doesn’t. And certainly doesn’t mean there WILL be issues with pregnancy or baby. I bet majority of women prove it wrong to be honest! My midwife said I am still low risk despite a higher BMI. I have to be consultant led and put on aspirin from 12 weeks, but apart from that my weight hasn’t been mentioned once (just at my booking appt over the phone when I told her my weight/height)! I would have to pipe up if anyone tried to make me feel bad because I’m overweight. There is a difference between informing and shaming. I’m perfectly happy with taking the advice, because I know what I am, I’m not in denial. But it doesn’t mean we should be made to feel guilty... not much we can do about it now eh? No crash dieting for the foreseeable! Ha ha grin

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Great big middle finger up to anyone out there that says weight and age are big factor in healthy conception/pregnancy! My OH is slim, but I remember that first ‘night’ we spent together all them years ago and he said ‘you have the most fantastic body’!
I think I swooned on that comment for months. I was an insecure young adult and this man had just made me feel like a Goddess (he is 8 year older than me shock). Knew from that moment he was mine grin. So you’re right, I think a lot of men love it and a lot of men are grown up enough to realise we aren’t all Instagram models.... maybe the benefit of meeting someone who was a bit older wink 21 year old lads weren’t for me when I was that age!

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DontFadeAway Thu 29-Oct-20 18:23:18

@BessieBye oh my goodness!! I found you!! Hello!

How're you doing? I lost our other thread and I've been trying to find you!! ♥️

I've also got my 12 week scan on Monday, I'll be 12+3 - so excited but also very nervous!

How have you been feeling? I totally get the B shape belly, mine is the same and I'm a size 16/18. I was so worried about my weight at the booking in app but my midwife was absolutely lovely and really made me feel a lot better about everything.

Really looking forward to being able to tell everyone after Monday 🤞🏼 mine and OH's parents know but that's it.

So lovely to find you again

BessieBye Thu 29-Oct-20 19:37:10

Hello @DontFadeAway my pregnancy twin!!! 😂

Sooo nice to hear from you.

Believe it or not... I have my 12 wk scan on Monday too 🙈. I had an early scan on 25th Sept and was measuring 6wks 5 days then, so going from that I should be 12+1 on Monday, but I know that can change! I was having one sided pains and GP wanted to rule out ectopic. Baby was all in the right place and saw a heartbeat.. sobbed my heart out ha ha.

I’ve had a rough old time with nausea & headaches, my worst day was 12th October (I remember it so well as it was my sisters birthday and I was sooo close to calling NHS 111). I think as terrified because I felt SO poorly. Since then.. I’ve day by day felt better and back to my normal self 😊

How are you doing?! What was your parents reaction? Glad you’ve had great midwife experiences so far.. long may they continue!


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Darcy86 Thu 29-Oct-20 19:42:41

I'm an 18-20 too and I was bloating really early on so my belly was different from about 10 weeks, although I think you couldn't really tell that it was pregnancy till I was about 17 weeks. I'm now 24 weeks and have a pretty rounded bump, just with a flabby bit at the bottom (like someone else said) But that's only really noticeable if I'm naked! In terms of jeans I'd recommend h&m over the bump skinny ones, I've bought the XL and they fit really nicely, got a pair in black and blue - only £25 as well!

PopsicleHustler Thu 29-Oct-20 19:47:28

Hi, good evening and God bless all.

I am 28 weeks pregnant with my 5th baby and showing at 12 weeks to 16 weeks I think. Plus am showing more earlier with it being my 5th child. I'm roughly a size 18. Curvy and proud lol

DontFadeAway Thu 29-Oct-20 19:50:55

@BessieBye so glad to hear from you.

Wow I bet that was emotional seeing the little heartbeat, you must've been so worried before hand. How are you feeling about Monday?

Oh you poor thing!! Nausea is the worst isn't it? Like you I've had terrible nausea and headaches, I haven't actually been sick but I've had so many food aversions that eating has been a real chore! Have you told anyone yet?

My mum literally sobbed. My dad cried too but my mum was in bits. She's my best friend so it was such a lovely moment telling her 🙊

I'm glad you're starting to feel a little bit better. I'm hoping it'll all seem more real on Monday when I see that little baby on the screen! Xx

BessieBye Fri 30-Oct-20 08:27:08

@PopsicleHustler congrats on your pregnancy! Wow baby number 5, bet you’re a busy bee! I would love lots of kids if my OH would allow it 😂 this is my first! I am 25 and feel ready 😊 well ready as I can be....

I’m curvy and proud too. I’m sure I’ll love my body even more as pregnancy progresses!

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BessieBye Fri 30-Oct-20 08:31:49


Ahh how absolutely wonderful. So thrilled for you all! Amazing when you have that relationship with your parents and you see the delight and excitement. So special!

My close family know and my OHs Mam knows (he only has his Mam). I also told my Manager a few weeks ago when I had that scan, just in case she was wondering what the hell I was doing! So glad I’m working from home, with my symptoms I think people would’ve guessed by now! I’ll be doing a little announcement on Monday if all is well. Fingers crossed!

I am soooo excited about Monday. Nervous too in case something isn’t right, but I can’t let that anxiety take over the special moment. So I’m just staying excited! My partner can come with me too as our NHS trust relaxed the restrictions a bit. Despite us being in the North East and Covid going a bit mental... glad NHS have realised parents to be can’t miss out on these things!

How are you feeling for your scan? Do you think it’s gone quite quickly? I can’t believe it’s been 8 weeks since I found out I was pregnant!! X

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DontFadeAway Fri 30-Oct-20 08:44:48

@BessieBye oh how exciting!!

So glad you've been able to work from home it sure must help when you're feeling crap! Have you planned your little announcement yet? It's so exciting I haven't quite worked out what to say. I think I'm going to phone all close family first and tell them before announcing to everyone else. It's my birthday today so it's so hard not telling everyone I see! 🙊

I bet your parents and your OH's Mum were thrilled! So glad you're allowed to take OH with you now to your scan. I'm in the South East and OH is allowed to come too, luckily!! I'm feeling very excited but also nervous as I've had no previous scans!

How has it been 8 weeks already since we found out? I do think the weeks are going quickly!! We've also just booked our private gender scan for the end of November which I absolutely can't wait for 🙊🙊 xxx

BessieBye Fri 30-Oct-20 08:59:41

@DontFadeAway HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🥳

What a lovely belated birthday present to see your baby on Monday.

I have a little basket, with a baby grow and a little wooden sign and some lily of the valley (the flower of May!) and was gonna send a picture of it with my scan photo in once I get it. I will share with you after Monday 😊🥰

I am very glad the South East have relaxed too. I really doubt they’ll reintroduce maternity restrictions if we were to have another lockdown. That’s my positive mental attitude anyway 😊

Ahhh so exciting that you have that booked 😱 it will be here before you know it. It’s already end of October! We aren’t finding out the sex.. waiting for the big day eeek!!! Xx

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PopsicleHustler Fri 30-Oct-20 10:40:10

I am 33 this december and my eldest is almost 13. I've been married since I was 18. So 5 kids over 13 years for me is quite the achievement. Haha and it certainly does keep me busy. However I'm currently lying In bed as my cereal made me feel sick and so my eldest two are helping packing away the Asda, hoovering and a quick square up before my 28 week appointment just after lunchtime. Its flown by so quickly.

Expecting our 3rd girl. So excited.

mouldygrapes Fri 30-Oct-20 11:24:41

Hey, looking for some advice
My BMI is on the borderline of 34-35 and because it’s my first pregnancy they’ve recommended I start aspirin from 12/40 (I’m 11/40 today)

The midwife didn’t really explain why but then started mentioning extra scans and things which have made me worry!
Has anyone else with a higher BMI had a better explanation?

CooperLooper Fri 30-Oct-20 11:34:48

I'm a size 18 with a B Belly, took me til about 33 weeks for my B bit to round out! I looked pregnant from about 24 weeks though - maternity leggings over the bump helped to smooth it out 😂

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