4 weeks today!

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AnxiousAnnie86 Mon 26-Oct-20 19:23:25

Hi ladies! New to this board just moved over from conception! Cannot quite believe it! I'm panicking as it's been a year (exactly!!) Since my miscarriage, and now I have backache and light cramps! Is that normal at four weeks can anyone put my mind at ease? X

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swiftt Mon 26-Oct-20 19:24:44

Congratulations! I’m 8 weeks and had lots of cramping to begin with, still get quite a dull ache every now and then.

AnxiousAnnie86 Mon 26-Oct-20 19:30:33

@swiftt oh really! Thank you, I think I'm just panicking as it's been a year since I lost our baby and Its taken so long to get to this point! Congratulations on your pregnancy! How you feeling? I'm shocked I'm not feeling sick yet! X

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Babyontheway21 Mon 26-Oct-20 19:39:52

Hi, it took me 13 months to conceive and I’m now 5+4 weeks(1st) found out last week. Still can’t quite believe it lol! Starting to feel quite sick tonight so just wondering if that’s it starting... wishing you a healthy pregnancy x

swiftt Mon 26-Oct-20 19:45:24

@AnxiousAnnie86 aw, it’s a really scary time isn’t it! I was feeling fine til I hit 7 weeks, now I’m exhausted, nauseous and my boobs are so sore. Enjoy not feeling sick whilst it lasts! X

AnxiousAnnie86 Mon 26-Oct-20 21:13:04

@Babyontheway21 feels so worrying doesn't it when you've waited to long, I had a Mc in October last year, and it's taken since then again! I'm so worried somethings gonna happen sad

@swiftt yeah I've heard 6+ is when symptoms really start kicking in! How long did your cramping last? X

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AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 27-Oct-20 07:03:21

Should I be worried my test this morning is lighter? Bottom one is today's, I did yesterday's in the afternoon with a half hour hold? I would of thought today's would of been much darker

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Quail15 Tue 27-Oct-20 07:10:45

Your tests look great. Don't worry about the slight difference in them - any slight change can affect them. Maybe you drank slightly more water this morning (or before you went to bed). Your hormones double every 48 hrs or so. So you won't see much difference from yesterday.
A positive is a positive. Congratulations. I know it's difficult ( especially after a previous MC) but try and relax X x

AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 27-Oct-20 07:29:24

@Quail15 thanks so much for your reply! I'm just panicking so much. The one step one looks exactly the same but just worried about FRER. Yesterday's was with barely any hold, but I was thirsty! So maybe it was more concentrated x

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LittleTiger007 Tue 27-Oct-20 08:50:50

Congratulations @AnxiousAnnie86! Your symptoms sound normal and good. I’m 10 weeks now and have had cramping and back ache on and off since about week 4. The nausea came in about a week later. Bloating was another one that built up and it only now going away a bit. It’s a bit different though for everyone remember. I must have googled my symptoms along with the week I’m at over 100 times, but it’s always reassuring to know that someone else has experienced it exactly as you are! It’s quite a journey we are on!

LittleTiger007 Tue 27-Oct-20 08:54:10

@swiftt yes the exhaustion is real!! And the boob pain! Mine have only been mildly hurting until this week (wk 10) and now they are huge, rock hard and very very painful! I was awake in the night with sharp pains last night... then nearly threw up at the sound of my dog having his breakfast this morning. So odd. 🤢

LittleTiger007 Tue 27-Oct-20 08:55:01

Stay strong @AnxiousAnnie86 anxious is my middle name too currently. Take it a day at a time xx

AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 27-Oct-20 09:05:52

@LittleTiger007 I just wish I hadn't tested this morn! I'm really framing out it's lighter xx

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AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 27-Oct-20 09:06:01


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LittleTiger007 Tue 27-Oct-20 10:41:40

Mine got lighter, to the point I was sure I’d lost it. This we found out was because I was drinking lots and peeing loads. It was too watered down. Stay calm and stop testing. You are pregnant. They won’t want to see the tests at the doctors. Maybe test again in a couple of weeks. I really have been where you are and it’s horrible, but worrying won’t help I promise.

AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 27-Oct-20 10:44:14

@LittleTiger007 thank you! I'm not going to test again! No way!!! You prey and prey all this time you'll see a bfp and then when you do you freak out 😂

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LittleTiger007 Tue 27-Oct-20 11:01:00

I know!! I had no idea that the stress was only just beginning! 😂

MollySxx Tue 27-Oct-20 13:48:36

First of all, congratulations! I am in the same situation. I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks in April 2020, I found out I was pregnant on Saturday. So I am 4 weeks and 3 days as I tested the day of my missed period. I have all been having lower back cramps that come and go, which I’m paying more attention to being newly pregnant and my anxiety is just through the roof. Sending my love to you x

AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 27-Oct-20 14:16:15

@MollySxx congratulations!!!! After copious amounts of research it seems super super common!! My cramps were so so bad when I had my mc and the bleeding was immediate xx

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h164 Tue 27-Oct-20 16:30:09

Congrats @AnxiousAnnie86!
I’ve just found out in 4+2 so similar stage to you. I haven’t had any symptoms other than a strange taste in my mouth and feeling starving all day for the last few days. X

MollySxx Tue 27-Oct-20 16:55:01

Yes, I also did the google search for answers😂 I was over anxious as I remember having back ache a week before my miscarriage and my mind just went into overdrive. It’s going to be a rough few weeks🥴x

AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 27-Oct-20 17:10:09

@MollySxx same!! Mine come and go too, not constantly and not bad but noticeable and I can feel pressure... sort of feeling. I'm so worried this is going to end badly. I'm more worried because my test was lighter this morning...

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AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 27-Oct-20 17:10:48

@MollySxx I did do a clear blue digital yesterday and it said 2-3 so that would of put me exactly where I should be to the day! So I'm trying to take comfort in that xx

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MollySxx Tue 27-Oct-20 17:18:37

Reading this is like talking to myself🥺 I know exactly how you feel. I was in work today and kept going to the toilet to check I wasn’t bleeding. I have moments where I think, “yes, this is it” then I flip and I’m like “nope, i think it’ll be bad” I had a stillbirth At 24 weeks in 2015 with identical twins due to TTTS (twin to twin transfusion syndrome) and I had a miscarriage in April of this year and I just keep thinking maybe it isn’t in my life story. Even though I’m pregnant now. It’s torture x

Mctm123 Tue 27-Oct-20 17:24:16

Another anxious one here 👋 I’ve had 3 miscarriages in the last year trying to give my little boy who’s 5 a sibling. It’s been 5 years waiting and eventually going for Ivf but as I say 3 losses. This next cycle of Ivf has worked and I am 4+5 but so so nervous. I can’t face the thought of it all going wrong again. Fingers crossed for us all. I can really relate to @MollySxx with the panicking every time you go the toilet it’s awful isn’t it xx

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