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amyba Mon 26-Oct-20 09:38:32

Hi can you eat Mayo/ garlic sauce / coleslaw stuff like that please can anyone help ?

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Sanch1 Mon 26-Oct-20 09:40:46

Yes, anything like that bought in a shop is fine as it's pasteurised. The nhs website has a good section on what you shouldn't eat.

Csari Mon 26-Oct-20 09:46:48

I thought coleslaw was one to avoid but have been having Mayo but hopefully I'm wrong about coleslaw as I've been missing having it with Jacket potatoes.

Poppy10121 Mon 26-Oct-20 16:29:58

I am on this site at least once a week:

There really isn't that much you need to avoid. Mayo from supermarket etc would be fine as it is pasteurised, perhaps be careful of any homemade organic mayo as you can't tell if they used red lion stamped eggs.

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