Who do I call if in pain? Early pregnancy

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sarahjsdddd Sun 25-Oct-20 10:24:58


Last night I woke up with pains on my lower left abdomen and was sweating/feeling abit sick, after an hour or so it went away. I'm 4 weeks +4?, I've got my first midwife appointment a week on Thursday. I had a miscarriage in February and after that I had a large cyst on my left ovary which went away after a few months, but the pain felt just like that pain I had when I had the cyst so I was trying not to panic. I also currently have a 'lesion' near my right Fallopian tube which is believed to be benign, I've had many scans for that, I was meant to have keyhole surgery in 2 weeks for that to be checked but it's postponed now due to pregnancy they said they will just monitor it.
Basically is it worth telling anyone about the pain I had or if it comes back again? Would my loca EPU be the best place to call? I was worrying if it's an ectopic pregnancy but the pain went away I don't know if it was trapped gas or cramps. I didn't want to call 111, do I call my gynaecologist tomorrow?! Any advice would be helpful thank you x

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Chopsuey1 Sun 25-Oct-20 11:32:27

Sorry to hear about the pain. Call your local epau for advice. No harm speaking to them. Little they may do with you being quite early on but at least they will be aware of you. Hopefully everything will be OK xxx

ejs11 Sun 25-Oct-20 11:35:02

Hi, I'm really sorry to hear about your pain. As Chopsuey1 said, I would call your local EPAU. Again, not sure what they will do with being early on, but personally I think that's the best option. At least then you know you have phoned and spoken to the best people for the situation. Everything crossed for you x

sarahjsdddd Sun 25-Oct-20 13:12:34

Thank you both for your replies, I will give them a call later, yes I think they probably can't do anything sad just wondered about the pain being 1 sided and panicking if it's an ectopic as there's something wrong with one of my tubes, we will see thank you x

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Snackasaurus Sun 25-Oct-20 13:15:23

@sarahjsdddd You poor thing, hopefully you get sorted flowers

When I had pain in early pregnancy, I found the number for the community midwife. They couldn't help as I was early on but they did give me the number for the Early Pregnancy Department who were very re-assuring! smile

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