Any first time mums due in Feb 2021?

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mia22221 Sat 24-Oct-20 17:50:31

Hey lovelies!

Anyone due in Feb 2021?
Thought I'd make a post and chat with first time mums due same time as me!


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Scottishflower Sat 24-Oct-20 18:01:50

Hello, I'm due 11th Feb with my first wee bundle too. Its only really starting to feel real a bit more now. Really happy to chat to new Mums due around the same time. Have you been keeping okay? Do you know what your having? X

mia22221 Mon 26-Oct-20 11:26:49

Hiya lovely!

Aww amazing! My little bundle of joy of is due on the 21st!

Yeah definitely sorry for the late reply x

I'm doing a lot better, I currently have hyperemesis but it's been better since I was 20W and on medication for it so this pregnancy hasn't been all good as I still need to take meds sad

How are you? How you doing?

I know it's only seeming real to me now, now that my bump is showing a lot more!
Is yours?

I found out I'm having a little girl! 💓 what about you?

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Shopaholic29 Mon 26-Oct-20 12:15:33

Hello, I too am due 21st feb! First timer. Everything is starting to feel a bit more real now for me too. Im not finding out what we're having and leaving it a surprisesmile. Sorry to hear about your sickness, hope that it starts to ease up soon. X

Darcy86 Mon 26-Oct-20 13:18:47

Me! I am due on the 19th. It seems to be going quite quick now, after the first trimester dragged quite a bit I can't believe I've now only got about 3 weeks left until the third...!

Have you started buying things yet? We got the travel system as we got a good offer on one through the online baby show, but that's about it. Feels a little early to me to be buying things like clothes, but I'm still getting the urge to!

Poppyismyfavourite Mon 26-Oct-20 13:36:54

Hello! I'm 18th of feb smile
Have started buying things - got some cloths bundles from facebook/ebay, and going to look at prams at the weekend.
Also started reading Marie Mongan's hypnobirthing book last night, it's a little bit "woo" for me and I'm definitely having the drugs if I want them, but I like the ideas and imagery, and the calming, confidence-building stuff!

Shopaholic29 Mon 26-Oct-20 14:36:02

@Darcy86 I have started looking at travel systems too now, but there are just so many to choose from!! Which one have you gone for?
I bought my first baby grow from Tesco over the weekend, but so far that's all we have!!
@Poppyismyfavourite sounds like an interesting book, I haven't even started thinking that far ahead yet!
I have a low lying placenta, so have to wait it out til scan at 32 weeks to see if the placenta moves, then I will know what my options on birth will be.


MoonW Mon 26-Oct-20 14:37:16


I’m due on the 02 Feb with a little boy smile

We’ve started buying things as would rather get a few things each month rather than spend out all in one go, so if we see something on offer we’ve been picking it up.

So far we’ve got the travel system & car chair, some clothes, nappies & wipes, changing bag and few little bits for hospital bag.

If anyone has a boots advantage card then worth signing up to the parenting club on their website & getting the app as we picked up a free mam bottle & soother and free child’s farm baby essentials travel sized set over the weekend as they currently have them both as a free offer on the app which you can use instore. You can also get a free pack of folic acid & vitamin D tablets which is always helpful smile

takingthistooseriously Mon 26-Oct-20 14:58:43

Hi! I'm due either on 18th or 22nd Feb depending on whether you prefer my IVF dates or the 12 week scan dates!

@mia22221 sorry to hear about the sickness but congrats on your little girl! I bet knowing what you're having makes shopping lots easier. We are keeping it a surprise which means it's been tricky picking clothes so I only have 2 sleep suits and a pram so far!

@Poppyismyfavourite we might be due date buddies! I think I will sign up for the positive birth company programme nearer the time as I feel like i should be doing something about preparing for the birth even if, like you, I'll totally take the drugs if I think I need them grin

Poppyismyfavourite Mon 26-Oct-20 15:36:39

@takingthistooseriously yes my plan so far is "there is no plan, I want to keep all my options open!" although a water birth sounds lovely... I lvoe water/being in water/underwater/on water (boats) anyway so feel like that'd suit me nicely!

takingthistooseriously Mon 26-Oct-20 16:03:50

@Poppyismyfavourite ooh yes I'd love a water birth too but my hopes have been dashed a bit. The hospital trust I'm booked into release stats each month on the number and types of birth and its usually only about 8% who get a midwife led water birth so the stats are not in my favour unfortunately! Hope your trust is better !

elfran Mon 26-Oct-20 16:12:40

Me! Due on Feb 19 (date twin w/ @Darcy86). It definitely seems like time has sped up, can't believe I'm well after halfway now.

Haven't bought much but done lots of research and decided (more or less) what we want - we're hoping Black Friday and January sales work in our favour!

I'm also practicing my hypnobirthing and hoping for a water birth at home. I know they aren't as common for ftm and many end up transferring in, but the home birth team at my hospital has a higher than average "success" rates for home births, so I'm keeping things crossed for now.

BattenburgBerry Mon 26-Oct-20 16:22:19

Me! I’m due first baby on 25th Feb! It’s starting to feel more real now, but unlike you all I haven’t bought anything yet.
And I don’t know what I’m having either, which makes it so much harder for shopping I’ve realised!
Feeling good though, bump is getting bigger and it’s been lovely feeling some movement. My app says there’s going to be a growth spurt in the next 4 weeks and baby will double in size-eek!!

Harehopper234 Mon 26-Oct-20 18:26:13

Another FTM due on the 19th! @Darcy86 and @elfran 😊
Expecting a little girl! Can't believe how quickly time is passing now. Bump is slowly making a appearance and little lady kicks like mad in the evenings!
Anyone's partners felt baby kick? DH has just started to be able to feel kicks which he's made up about! But I have a anterior placenta so that might be happening later for us than some.

husbandcallsmepickle Mon 26-Oct-20 18:31:57

I'm due on the 20th February. We have decided not to find out the sex.

elfran Tue 27-Oct-20 11:08:07

@Harehopper234 My DH felt some kicks for the first time two weeks ago I think... but not much since then! Every time I tell him to come feel the baby stops, so cheeky 😂

Darcy86 Tue 27-Oct-20 12:56:46

Hi due date twins @elfran and @Harehopper234 smile

@Shopaholic29 we've gone for the Maxi Cosi Adorra bundle in grey. Originally was eyeing up the Oyster 3, which admittedly is probably a bit nicer appearance-wise but there was about a £100 difference in the bundle, and they are fairly similar overall (to my untrained eyes anyway!). Plus the Maxi Cosi seems so easy in terms of folding, assembling etc, so we decided on that one.

I have only felt kicks on the outside once, think it's due to pre-existing belly chub blush, hoping OH will be able to feel it in the coming weeks!

We've left the sex a surprise as well, but something tells me it's a boy - can't really articulate why!

mia22221 Fri 30-Oct-20 23:16:14


Hey my lovely!
So sorry for the late reply. I keep forgetting I have posted on here and it's so nice to see so many mummas due in feb!

Aww amazing we have the same due date! 🥳 aww I know same here my bump is popping out now how about yours? Aww really that's nice! I was to impatient to wait, but it's nice to keep it a surprise and thank you thankfully my sickness has calmed down

How are you? X

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mia22221 Fri 30-Oct-20 23:46:16


Heya lovely! Aww close to my due date on the 21st!
I know I'm finding it going in quite fast now compared to how much the first trimester dragged in
Aww that's good I really need to find a good travel system! What one would you recommend?
I've started buying clothes and little things which is making it more real! X

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mia22221 Fri 30-Oct-20 23:47:57


Hey lovely! Aww nice near my due date!
I've started buying little things as well
And I really want to read it! I want all the drugs I can get at labour/delivery time to but also like the ideas to! Xx

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mia22221 Fri 30-Oct-20 23:50:30


Hey lovely! Aww nice congrats on a little boy 🙊
Nice! I need to start buying the big things but slowly doing it as I'm the same I didn't want to buy everything all at once

Really! I didn't know il need to check that out thanks for that infosmile

I need to look at some travel systems just looking for deals just now xx

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mia22221 Fri 30-Oct-20 23:52:50


Hey lovely! Aww nice! I would have loved to keep it a surprise because it just makes things so much more exciting but at the same time I couldn't wait haha thanks xx
It must be quite tricky shopping x

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mia22221 Sat 31-Oct-20 13:07:40


Hey lovely! Aww great smile time is definitely going faster now for sure!
I'm the same, I have started shopping but really wanting to take advantage of the sales in December and January before Feb hopefully
And wow a water birth sounds amazing, due to my personal circumstances I can't but I wish you all the very best and the fact your local hospital has a high success rate is reassuring definitely keep us updated xx

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mia22221 Sat 31-Oct-20 13:08:57


Hey lovely! Aww great!
To be honest it's sometimes good to wait and in our circumstance as we're due in Feb we can take advantage of the sales coming up!
Aww same here I can feel movement now a little and it just makes things so real dosent it! Xx

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mia22221 Sat 31-Oct-20 13:10:51


Hey lovely! Aww great! I'm due the 21st!
And I'm having a little girl to 💗
My partner still can't feel the little movements but that's amazing your partner can it'll make it more special as it'll be something yous both can share together and bond with x
And I have an anterior placenta to! So it's been abit awkward x

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