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What's the most embarassing thing you've done in pregnancy due to 'pregnancy brain'?

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moominsmummy Sun 14-Oct-07 13:07:21

Can't believe I did this - took DS swimming this morning and after 5 minutes in the pool noticed I still had my bra on under my swimming costume blushblush

still cringing now...

SofiaAmes Fri 19-Oct-07 14:59:08

I turned up for a architecture job interview without my portfolio. (Kind of like showing up for swimming without your bathing suit). It wasn't that I had forgotten hadn't even crossed my pregnancy brain to bring it.

Upsidedowncake Fri 19-Oct-07 14:49:06

Stop. Stop. crying with laughter. Have tears rolling down cheeks.

Amani Mon 15-Oct-07 14:09:44

Nearly turned up one week early for a job interview - luckly I re-read the invitiation letter quickly the night before going.

tweetyfish Mon 15-Oct-07 13:58:56

I went to park in a car park containing only one car. Somehow managed to reverse into it - at speed as the car park was practically empty so I felt confident(!)

Then spent half an hour in tears even though it was all ok in the end...

wheelsonthebus Mon 15-Oct-07 13:47:28

ask what time the one o'clock club opens

Lazarou Mon 15-Oct-07 13:46:38

Reached across the table at work (in a lab) forgetting about the bunsen burner and wondering why my arm felt a bit hot

Tigaaaarghna Mon 15-Oct-07 13:28:31

Set fire to DH's sunglasses by lighting a scented candle about 3 inches below where they were hanging.

OMGhelp Mon 15-Oct-07 13:26:57

Why is that things end up in the Fridge?

Naetha Mon 15-Oct-07 11:36:02

I pulled away from traffic lights in reverse gear the other day.

The look on the woman's face behind me was priceless.

themoon66 Mon 15-Oct-07 10:38:51

Like the OP, I have been swimming and left my bra on under my costume blush.

I lost the iron once too and DH found it in the fridge.

ThePhantomToiletFlusher Mon 15-Oct-07 10:35:01

I went to work in odd shoes when I was pregnant (I reckon it was cos I couldn't see my feet).

The trouble is, one was a high party shoe and the other was flat and clumpy so I felt all uneven. They weren't in the remotest bit similar.

I only noticed when I got to work.

Oh, how we laughed.........

Emzy5 Mon 15-Oct-07 10:30:28

lol orangehead, my dh put the cordless phone in his pocket (before we even had ds) and went clubbing. the funniest bit is that the bouncers were searching people on entry and found the phone. they found it very amusing.

orangehead Mon 15-Oct-07 10:00:27

Not so much embarrasing, but I put the phone in the fridge. Took me a while to find it

WheresMyWaistGone Mon 15-Oct-07 09:51:22

I had a long and complicated conversation with the train people about renewing my monthly travel pass on about 3 July. I was earestly asking if it was worth me buying another monthly pass as I was going on holiday for 2 weeks on 4 July...I actually meant I was gong on holiday on 4 August, but they didn't know that did they...?!

Luckily, the bump was obvious and when we worked out the right ticket to get, we all laughed about it!

Oh how I'm enjoying not having to worry about it any more...!


CappuScreamO Mon 15-Oct-07 09:16:37

I drove to the shops and walked back, passing my parked car on the way and just blithely going past it

iloverosycheeks Mon 15-Oct-07 09:13:10

a very lovely lady from my work had a party for me in her house when I went off on maternity. We all had to bring something so I decided to get profiteroles and chocolate dip thing that was being heavily advertised by M&S at the time - unfortunately said friend is extremely allergic to chocolate, which I knew, so why did I do it!! cant believe now that I was so silly.. i could have given her a really bad reaction jsut by bringing it into her house but pregnancy brain was obviously just thinking....chocolate!!! still feel bad nowblush

ProfYaffle Mon 15-Oct-07 08:47:47

Lol Sarahhal - I did that at home, came out to find a befuddled neighbour peering into my car!

Princess - a friend of mine at work was HUUUUGE during her pregnancies. She parked on the car park in the morning and only just squeezed out of her car door. In the evening going home her bump had grown and she couldn't fit between her car and the one next door. She had to wait until the owner finished work, came out and moved his car.

PrincessAfterLife Sun 14-Oct-07 19:33:51

in front of some very important clients just before mat leave, I forgot the size of my massive bump (hmm) and tried to 'slip' out of the part open heavy old door to grab something from another office... and got wedged stuck! blush Can still hear the laughter 4+ yrs later!

beforesunrise Sun 14-Oct-07 19:16:13

well i just posted above about ordering groceries consisting almost entirely of tomatoes and yoghurt.

when pregnant with dd, i had to go somehere to meet a friend. i got out at the tube stop and stood on the street for 10 minutes looking at the a-z. it made no sense at all. i ended up asking a complete stranger to read the map for me please cos i just couldn't figure it out. i still cringe...

sarahhal Sun 14-Oct-07 18:53:18

The first time i went to the supermarket with both Dses I was in such a flap about how to organise it all that I left all the car doors wide open blush

Came back to find my car surrounded by security men!

Lazarou Sun 14-Oct-07 18:29:48

Got to work one morning and my 'friend' told me she had been late because there were camels crossing the road. I totally bought it and as the day went on the story got more elaborate and I didn't notice everyone sniggering. Mind you, I probably would have believed her even if I hadn't been pregnant.

ProfYaffle Sun 14-Oct-07 18:25:02

Made Delia's Ultimate Carrot Cake and forgot to put the carrots in. T'was still Ultimate Cake though grin

DaisyWhoooo Sun 14-Oct-07 18:20:21

Left our tickets and passports on the train. Got to check-in at Gatwick at realised what I'd done blush angry The lovely train people got them back for me though and we didn't miss our flight <phew>

muppetgirl Sun 14-Oct-07 18:19:08

Oh and went to the local large park to meet a friend and her ds to walk the dogs and my ds.

Half way there ds asks 'mummy, where are the dogs?'

I had forgotton them blush

Ds still likes to tell people of the day 'mummy had a silly day and forgot the dogs...'

mamazon Sun 14-Oct-07 18:17:08

went to collect some photo's we had done of my ds. i picked up the wrong set from teh box. i nearly walked off with photo's of another child.

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