Corpus luteum not seen early pregnancy scan?

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watermelonwizard Tue 20-Oct-20 18:40:11

Hi all,
I went for a private early scan, all went well and baby was measuring bang on 7+4, and a heartbeat was found.

However on my notes it says corpus luteum was not seen.

Has anyone had this before and is it something to worry about?


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Floopyandtired Tue 20-Oct-20 18:50:36

I think in scans they are quite matter of fact, so if they write something is “not seen” it just means they haven’t seen it, not that it’s not there... if that makes sense?! If there was any cause for worry they would have told you. Congratulations!

watermelonwizard Tue 20-Oct-20 19:15:48

I really appreciate your reply. Thank you 😊 Logically I thought the same about them telling you if it was concerning, but my anxiety took over! X

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physicskate Tue 20-Oct-20 19:18:06

At my 8+6 private scan they couldn't even find my ovaries. Doesn't mean I don't have any...

watermelonwizard Tue 20-Oct-20 19:25:14


Ok now I feel silly.

Thank you.

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KateColx Tue 20-Oct-20 20:43:52

I think it's to do with being able to see which ovary you ovulated from, I only know this as my notes commented about left corpus lutuem and they explained what that meant 😌 I'd have had no idea otherwise haha x

Whatthedoodle Tue 20-Oct-20 21:02:06

I was just going to say what @KateColx said. I had two on my scan, sonographer thinks I may have ovulated twice the money I conceived (just one baby in there though). I was worried as they are cysts and I had one that ruptured in my first pregnancy causing some pain and bleeding, but they assured me they’re normal and something they sometimes notice in scans, so I imagine there’s lots of times they don’t see them!


KiwibirdUK Sun 06-Dec-20 20:56:06

Hi there,

I’ve just been for an early scan and had the same comment. I’ve been Googling (I know I shouldn’t) but just freaking myself out tbh. Just wondering if I could ask for an update on how you’re going and if you got any answers?
Best wishes!

SunnySideUp2020 Mon 07-Dec-20 07:45:04

Corpus luteum has nothing to do with your well being or pregnancy. It's the place where your egg came from. Nothing more nothing less.
And as it was said before, not being seen doesn't mean not there (obviously since you are pregnant).
Not all early scans mention them from my experience.

LongPauseNoAnswer Mon 07-Dec-20 07:49:36

Nothing more nothing less

That’s not entirely accurate. The corpus luteum provides the basic hormones needed for the embryo after implantation until the yolk and eventually the placenta take over. It’s pumps out progesterone which is needed for implantation. If you have a viable pregnancy then you have a corpus luteum. They just haven’t seen it.

SunnySideUp2020 Mon 07-Dec-20 07:59:13

Agreed it pumps progesterone.

Not so much on viability.
In December the sonographer was happy to tell me where my corpus luteum was and from where i ovulated etc...
I miscarried two weeks later.

This current pregnancy nothing was mentioned re the corpus luteum and it's all going well so far (🤞)

My point was just that in itself it doesn't bring any reassurance or shouldn't cause worry if not seen or mentioned.

KiwibirdUK Mon 07-Dec-20 18:51:55

Thank you for all of the info / reassurance. I wasn’t expecting to fall pregnant as quickly as I did (I have PCOS) so I’m so hesitant about everything and worried that it’s too good to be true. Will just try to be positive and trust the process 🤞🏻

watermelonwizard Fri 11-Dec-20 19:43:27

I’m so sorry for the slow reply.

I am now 16 weeks pregnant and all has been perfect so far! Worrying over nothing. The first 12 weeks are so full of worry, try to relax as what will be will be. (Easier said than done!)

Hope that’s reassuring xxx

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watermelonwizard Fri 11-Dec-20 19:44:50

@KiwibirdUK forgot to tag you in my reply above. Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy xx

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