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qwerty2269 Fri 09-Oct-20 14:04:55

Can I have 4 positive pregnancy tests and still not be pregnant?
I’m not due for my period until the 15th but these are early detection tests

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Splattymouse Fri 09-Oct-20 14:06:02

It’s very rare to get false positives I think. It would be very unusual to therefore get 4 false positives. How are you feeling?

PolarBearStrength Fri 09-Oct-20 14:06:52

You’re definitely pregnant!

qwerty2269 Fri 09-Oct-20 14:13:30

I’m fine been trying for a about 4 months but really really unsure just incase I get my period because these were my tests last month which was blue dye ones but Came on my period! But this month I took a pink dye test and both of them came back positive! Just so scared incase I get my period😀😩

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qwerty2269 Fri 09-Oct-20 14:58:35

@PolarBearStrength iv never been so scared for my period I just hope it doesn’t come because I will Ben devastated! But with them tests I know I am x

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bitheby Fri 09-Oct-20 15:25:13

False positives are very unlikely but chemical pregnancies and early miscarriage scan happen. Hopefully this pregnancy will stick for you. They look like strong lines for early tests. How many DPO are you?

qwerty2269 Fri 09-Oct-20 15:33:16

@bitheby days past ovulation?
13 days i ovulated on the 26th

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TheDaydreamBelievers Fri 09-Oct-20 16:26:39

@qwerty2269 it sounds like your cycles are long if you are 13dpo but not due a period until 15th?

Those are definitely positive tests and pink dye is v trustworthy

Unfortunately, as others have said some people do experience chemical/v early misscarriage which would lead to someone testing positive then negative then what seems like a period but is late (which is in reality a v early misscarriage).

However, that doesnt mean it will happen this time. What you would want to do is keep testing every few days (using the same brand) and the lines should get stronger.

qwerty2269 Fri 09-Oct-20 17:31:22

@TheDaydreamBelievers I’m going to test again tomorrow but before when I got them other positives last month they was all Tesco tests and when I did a pink dye and clear blue they came back negative but iv also got a little girl& the way I feel like sick& the smell of things& my boobs are hurting they are the same when I fount out with my LG so I’ll test again tomorrow!x

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qwerty2269 Fri 09-Oct-20 17:33:02

@TheDaydreamBelievers I wasn’t suppose to ovulate till the 29th I was 4 days early so should I be coming on my period on the 11th or does it stay the 15th?xx

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qwerty2269 Fri 09-Oct-20 17:33:40

@TheDaydreamBelievers 30th sorry

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TheDaydreamBelievers Fri 09-Oct-20 20:33:54

@qwerty2269 luteal phase (number of days from ovulation to period) usually stays the same month to month. I think this is a pretty certain positive for you!

bananallamas Fri 09-Oct-20 20:36:09

Yeah the gap between ovulation and your period is usually the same. So I think you’re due you period on the 11th not the 15th which makes more sense in terms of how strong the lines are. Congratulations!

ShalomToYouJackie Fri 09-Oct-20 21:03:32

Definitely positive! Congratulations xx

MinnieMouse4 Fri 09-Oct-20 21:37:55

@qwerty2269 they look positive to me, congratulations! I took the Tesco’s cheap tests last month and got the exact same result but AF arrived shortly after. I think a lot of people on here have experienced false positives with them x

qwerty2269 Sat 10-Oct-20 07:29:00

Thankyou all of you for commenting! I’m really excited!😀😀 @ShalomToYouJackie @bitheby @Splattymouse @PolarBearStrength @TheDaydreamBelievers @MinnieMouse4 @bananallamas

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qwerty2269 Sun 18-Oct-20 19:51:49


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