Blood test rationing?

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Yorkshirelass251 Thu 08-Oct-20 18:07:09

Hi all - I've seen in the news today that there is a national problem with Roche and as a result many non-urgent and routine blood tests are not going to be able to go ahead. Has anyone been told anything by their midwife on this yet? I don't know whether it will affect blood tests done during pregnancy. I'm 30 weeks now so feel like my blood test results for the next couple of midwife appointments are important. Thanks

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EllieJai44 Thu 08-Oct-20 18:23:44

@Yorkshirelass251 I'm sure if it affects any blood tests you'd be due then they will tell you at the appointment, in my area it is only routine bloods like those who have regular for thyroid etc hospital based bloods and anything urgent is still going ahead

You shouldn't need to have any other blood tests past 30 weeks pregnant now

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