Stomach pain

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mylittlebean2019 Thu 08-Oct-20 17:04:16

I am 7 weeks pregnant and been struggling with pain in left hand side all day. It feels like a stitch to the left of my belly button and if I move it’s like a stabbing pain that takes my breath away. It’s eased a bit throughout the day when I’m not moving but as soon as I walk around the pain is back. I’ve also felt sick all day and keep burping. Someone mentioned it might be trapped wind but didn’t think that would last all day. Anyone experienced anything similar?

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TheDaydreamBelievers Thu 08-Oct-20 19:59:59

Im 6+5, I had a random sharp pain today that felt like I'd pulled a muscle in my hip/groin? It passed but when it happened I honestly felt a bit faint it was so sore!

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