Vaginal birth or elective c section?

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Betty94 Thu 08-Oct-20 09:25:02


Now I'm 24 weeks I've really started thinking about my birth plan and what to do and I'd like some opinions - just to clarify I don't think either of them are the "easy way out" as I've seen some people suggest c sections are easy (major tummy surgery does not sound easy)

I'd like a water birth with gas and air but I don't know if that's too ambitious- it's my first baby and I'm terrible with pain and think I might die - plus I always have issues with my downstairs parts (I always get UTIs) so I'm afraid of more complications downstairs (not sure there's even a correlation and it may be an irrational fear)

My friend had to have an emergency c section and she said it was the best thing ever and next time she will be going for an elective c section so I was wondering what would be better or in your experience and opinion what would be the best thing to do?

I'm due on the 31st January but I'm starting maternity (with AL) on December 1st and returning on 5th July so hopefully enough time to recover from either haha

Thank you, I think the anxiety has hit and I don't wanna feel like this for 16 weeks blush

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Raindancer411 Thu 08-Oct-20 09:33:53

Well I know of people that had had numerous c sections and been on and others they have had longer recovery with them. I also know people who have had normal births and some had it easy and others didn't... it's one of those things you never know what is going to happen and is not easy with anxiety. I have been there twice... 8 years apart lol

My tips would be to just have it in mind what you would like but go in open minded. I never have had a birth plan as they are go out the door more often than not.

I won't go into detail as it won't help your anxiety but let's say both my deliveries were normal but totally different. One of the biggest things that helped the second time was a process they called Stomp. It's basically a slow delivery of the head with a warm compress against your peri area to help reduce tearing.

Good luck, just speak to your midwives over any concerns smile My hospital did an anxiety group that I found very helpful with my second pregnancy.

DilemmaDerby Thu 08-Oct-20 09:36:45

Vaginal all the way unless a c is necessary just because of recovery time, which is likely to be longer and new babies are hard. C sections absolutely have their place but fear isn’t a reason for them.

Have you looked into hypnobirthing to give you a bit more of a feeling of control. I did it for my second and third and while things went a bit skewiff on number 3 it gave me that calmness about it.

Vaginal doesn’t have to be bad, I popped DD2 out on the street 😂

Frazzlerock Thu 08-Oct-20 09:36:58

I didn't know you could choose unless you have underlying issues which means a section is safer? Unless you're going privately of course.

I've had an EMCS followed by an ELCS and going in for another ELCS in about 6 weeks time. My EMCS went well after a looooooong labour and I recovered quickly. I loved my ELCS and again recovered quickly. I'm hoping for the same this time but I am older so I'm expecting recovery to be slower.

mumtotc Thu 08-Oct-20 09:37:57

@Betty94 congratulations on your pregnancy! Vaginal births are, generally speaking, a much safer option than any kind of c section.

Two perspectives: my sister in law had an elcs and it was a very positive, calm experience, with music playing and a midwife on hand solely to take photos.

I had an emcs after a very long labour. Baby was transverse during labour and couldn't push her out. Had huge blood loss during surgery which was life threatening and my recovery has been long and slow.

I'd have much preferred to give birth naturally than have my emergency section as I couldn't get out of bed for four days due to complications. I did go into spontaneous labour so experienced waters breaking, contractions, etc but vaginal birth wasn't meant to be. In any future pregnancy I would have to have an elcs as it wouldn't be safe for me to attempt a vbac.

You really must weigh up the pros and cons for each. Anyone who writes online (as you've rightly acknowledged!) that a c section is an easy option has never had one! It is very painful, major abdominal surgery. Good luck with whatever you decide.

pilort Thu 08-Oct-20 09:38:37

The trouble with giving birth is the unknown. I had a "natural"'VB 1st time round through chance really. I wanted a water birth but I was induced via a pessary which worked & my active labour was 1.5 hours so no time for much pain relief, only got gas near the end. Yes the pain was bad & I think I have a high threshold. It was the contractions that were awful as baby was back to back, the crowning wasn't as bad. I had about 5 stitches & honestly as soon as the baby was born the pain disappeared, no issues with down there & only muscle soreness in my legs & hips the next few days.

2nd baby was transverse so had an elective. I didn't enjoy it, didn't like feeling "paralysed" etc. I was discharged the next day with paracetamol & yes I could shuffle but it hurt. The pain was much worse than I expected for the next day or so but I expected to feel as I had first time round. Vainly I also don't like how my stomach sits differently.

Pregnancy itself definitely takes a toll as my pelvic floor is not as strong as after dc1. If I had number 3 I would go for VB.

pilort Thu 08-Oct-20 09:42:20

If you do go for a CS, I would rest as much as possible after & allow your body to heal even if you feel ok.

I had DH at home for a month & very hands on parents to help with DC1.


ElspethFlashman Thu 08-Oct-20 09:47:18

I'd prefer the Vaginal. I had epidurals and therefore didn't feel much below the waist which meant it wasnt that traumatic.

And I appreciated being able to get up to go to the loo the next morning and I was able to move around normally. I mean, I was knackered, but basically physically fine.

I just found that convenient.

I did have episiotomies and so was definitely a bit bashed up downstairs and it was a bit uncomfortable but I didn't have any pain afterwards and didn't have any lasting problems.

ScottishLassie91 Thu 08-Oct-20 10:00:33

My mums had 3 csections (the most recent 9years ago) and keeps telling me to push for one!
I've said absolutely not as the thought of the pain and recovery afterwards terrifies me. I'm rationalizing it in my head that with a vaginal birth, yes itll be painful but I wont have prolonged pain afterwards. I hate as well the thought of not being able to lift anything heavier than my baby and no driving or anything for 6 weeks x

PopsicleHustler Thu 08-Oct-20 10:06:02

Congratulations. I am due January 18th with my 5th little one.

I would always go for a vaginal birth. I have delivered 4 times this way and never had any complications. Just the bugbear of having ridiculously long labours.
I worry that if anything was to go wrong God forbid, that I would have to have a csection. I csnt imagine the thought of being tied down to the bed and not able to lift anything that weighs more than a bar of soap. I have a good, supportive husband and I know my eldest two would also help out. But I just really would hate to have a csection.

I have had zero complacations, only issue was my bmi and that on my last birth my darling angel was stuck scan awkward position in the birth canal and was major panicking. But I actually needed the toilet at the same time and the walk to the toilet helped push her back into position and I delivered her within a few minutes. My husband was so surprised. Like literally 3 or 4 pushes and I was done. I guess I just wanted her out quickly because I had just gone through 32 hour labour.

But I would definitely say vaginal birth all the way.

Also , I highly recommend water birth. I had it with my 3rd child and it was just amazing. I got into the pool at 7cm dilated and just had gas and air which helps. However too much of it does make you puke, so dont have too much of it. I did try and get a water birth with my 4th but they brought me out to break my waters to help speed things along. And then afterwards I couldn't get back in, because wait for it, the midwife had a bad back. So I never got to have it. I thought I would be too rude to insist to have or ask for a new midwife. Even my husband was in shock.

Itisbetter Thu 08-Oct-20 10:07:33

If pain bothers you I’d have a vaginal birth with an epidural. I’ve had five vaginal births, 3 with epidurals, one with nothing (shocksad) and one in water. The water birth was the most traumatic and upsetting but I had an unpleasant midwife. Epidurals the “nicest”, or easiest. No pain relief was just horrid. I know LOTS of people who had good experiences of csection and the other options though.

PopsicleHustler Thu 08-Oct-20 10:08:27

@DilemmaDerby do share the story of giving birth on the street. You literally deserve a medal and five tons of quality street!

DilemmaDerby Thu 08-Oct-20 13:28:53

Haha, I had a really long labour with number 1 back to back so did hypnobirthing for Number 2. Was so bloody relaxed because I managed the pain and couldn’t possibly be close that when it felt time to go to the hospital I didn’t want my ex to get a parking ticket being in the short stay for ages (expecting a long birth), so I made him park in the multi-storey and us to walk in.

I was wrong grin Midwives that he ran like a loon for into the unit When I realised I was pushing and couldn’t stop came hurtling out with a wheelchair to find me having had DDs head already still with my sunglasses on. Went home an hour later, never been so shell shocked!

allfurcoatnoknickers Thu 08-Oct-20 13:41:16

I had an ELCS for a breech baby and it was the easiest thing in the world. No pain, in and out in 45 minutes, up and about within 24 hours. Lovely, 10/10 would c-section again.

I think it can be quite tough to get them if you don't have a medical reason though sad

Gerdticker Thu 08-Oct-20 16:20:58

Try the Positive birth company Digital pack.

It’s a course of videos and you will learn about why anyone would choose to go through a vaginal birth, when we’re all pumped with horror stories from tv etc!

It’s £39 and worth every penny - I am half way through and love it. Essential viewing for both you and birth partner

I also had my first DC in the water at a midwife unit - I’m now a big fan of water births, it was an incredible experience x

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