Car accident at 39+5 absolutely terrified.

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eausolovely Tue 06-Oct-20 01:12:42

So today I had some guy in a van drive into the back of me while I was stopped at a junction and I am absolutely besides myself with worry for my baby who is due in 2 days.

It wasn’t hard enough to activate the airbags and I’ve been to hospital and been monitored and they said the baby is fine but all they did was a CTG and felt my bump. I told them I had a lot of pain in my belly and they said it was probably because the baby had stretched my ligaments from the impact. They seemed really blasé about it and I just can’t shake the worry that the pain means something is wrong. He’s moving tonnes and I’m not bleeding so I know they are right and everything will be fine but I’m just so shaken by what’s happened. I must have spent half of the day crying and the other half trying to convince family and friends (who were already pestering me every 20 minutes) that I am fine. Just need a bit of moral support as right now I just can’t get to sleep because I’m so freaked out still. Not what I needed so close to baby boy being due at all!!

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Iminaglasscaseofemotion Tue 06-Oct-20 01:16:07

OP everything will be fine. If you fel worried or anything changes with movements, you can go to the hospital for observations. Babies are well protected in there.

Superscientist Tue 06-Oct-20 01:21:30

I had a fairly serious accident at 16 weeks so know how terrifying it can be. It is understandable to be a bit shaky and emotional and anything else you might be feeling.
Keep reminding yourself that the monitoring was fine, go back if you have any concerns.
Tonight sleep might be elusive, try to keep occupied if you cant sleep.
Be gentle with your self

Krazynights34 Tue 06-Oct-20 01:26:07

OP - go back in. I didn’t have an accident but trust yourself.
Better to be safe than sorry (I absolutely didn’t want to alarm you but you need to make yourself feel ok).

MoreCookiesPlease Tue 06-Oct-20 02:02:51

Oh you poor thing! I can totally understand your fear. Make sure you're keeping an eye on baby's movements, and if anything feels off, go in immediately. Having said that, I'm sure that you will be ok and baby is safe. Sending you lots of love

eausolovely Tue 06-Oct-20 13:50:39

Thanks for the messages of support! He was kicking me all night so pretty sure he’s fine, hopefully labor will start soon so I can stop panicking and meet him 💕

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paddingtonbearsmarmalade Tue 06-Oct-20 13:52:46

My cousin was involved in a car accident when she was heavily pregnant - had to be cut out of the car!

Her gorgeous daughter turned 6 this year and is a joy. smile

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