Fourth baby labour experience please

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calimommy Sun 04-Oct-20 20:20:10

I posted this in Childbirth, but wanted to ask here as well!

My three previous labours have all been quite smooth and quick. My first was induced but only 6hrs, the second and third were spontaneous and 4 & 2hrs respectively. Each of the deliveries were 23&25 months apart but this time it's a longer gap 40months.
Obviously no one can tell me what will happen but I'm wondering if I can maybe expect a very fast delivery or if it might turn around and go even longer...

What have others experienced? Anyone with a crystal ball for me? 😂

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Mo81 Mon 05-Oct-20 07:13:12

All mine were induced my 4th at 36 weeks and was my longest labour at 2 and a half hours.

motherofsnortpigs Mon 05-Oct-20 09:20:42

I think you should’ve prepared for a speedy labour. My #3 whizzed out in 90 minutes, so when my waters broke with #4 I fully expected to have a baby within the hour. Had planned a home birth and DH was well read on catching a baby. It took 4 hours (which is still nothing, I know). He was poorly positioned and was obviously not supported by any amniotic fluid so he couldn’t wriggle round very easily.

Incidentally, #5 had a bigger gap between babies (4+ years) and a more ‘enjoyable’ 4 hours (that’s not quite the right word, but #4 was INTENSE!)

motherofsnortpigs Mon 05-Oct-20 09:21:01

*should be

Ginandplatonic Mon 05-Oct-20 09:28:42

Mine were all v quick and got quicker each time, partly because I don’t seem to get much pain until fully dilated or nearly there. DS4 was induced (just the PG pessary) because I was a couple of days overdue and placenta was breaking down, blood pressure a bit up. And thank god he was because it was 20 minutes from first twinge to baby out. We’d have been delivering him in the car on the side of the road if I hadn’t already been in hospital...shock

Runnerduck34 Mon 05-Oct-20 09:35:03

My 4th ( and last) labour was the "easiest" ( but obviously still hurt!) It was the only one I didnt need stiches for. Me and my body knew what we were doing.
But I think every labour and pregnancy is different.
My first DC was born on her due date, waters broke,12 hours before labour started, labour lasted 8 hours, 3rd degree tears. My second was born at 37 weeks , waters broke immediate intense labour pain, 3 hour labour, stiches required, my third was overdue by 10 days, back to back , 6 hour labour but with a prolonged pushing stage, waters only broke during delivery, also needed stiches.
My fourth, was a week early , waters broke a few hours before labour , labour was around 4-5 hours. Didnt need stiches- hurrah!
I would be prepared for a quick labour but also accept each labour is different and may not necessarily follow the same path. I was pregnant for 5 weeks more with my third DC than my second, it felt like an eternity, I was convinced she would also come early.

PopsicleHustler Mon 05-Oct-20 09:40:33

My 4th baby was an incredibly long labour. All my children have been. She was actually the shortest of them all at 32 hours. Currently expecting number 5 and hoping it will be less than a day.

My 4th baby I had woken up and was having contractions at 2am. I could breathe through them but was anxious they would get more intense and more painful and quicker hence it being our 4th baby. Hubby took me to the hospital and we dropped off our other children at my aunts house. Got there but I was only 2cm dilated and was told to go home. So we went home and watched films and walked round the house in hopes to speed things up. By 7pm ish, the contractions had sort of slowed down and were not as severe so husband said its probably still slow labour. We then decided to go get the kids. Went to the hospital as the drive to get the kids sort of strayed things up again. Got to the hospital and I was only 3cm. Really frustrating. They were prepared to send me home again but I was adamant I wanted to stay. I have quite a low pain threshold. They took me to the antenatal ward and I was there for a few hours after given the pethidine which by the way didnt really work as well as the last time. They came and checked on me and I was 4cm. Got in the birthing pool at around 2am and still nothing was happening so at about 5am the midwife suggested popping my waters. After she popped my waters, it really sped things up again and I asked the new midwife who had taken over the previous midwives shift, if I can get back in the birthing pool again. Wait for it. She said no. Because she had a bad back. Seriously. I was absolutely gutted that I couldn't have the water birth as it really was amazing with my 3rd baby. Anyway around 10am she was really low down and ready to come out but she was stuck. I was in bloody agony and was begging for help. I needed the toilet and it turned out the walk to the toilet and back helped put her back into the right position. After 3 or 4 pushes max, she was born. 32 hours labour and so worth it. She's 2 and a half now and an absolute dream come true. The only thing I did struggle with afterwards, was those dreadful after pains. When breastfeeding they were literally unbearable. As its your womb trying to shrink back to its normal size.
Due in January with this little one and just hoping it will be a quicker labour and I get my water birth.


Yump Mon 05-Oct-20 10:30:00

I was induced at 40wks with my 4th due to my age and his predicted size.

Previous births
Dc1 induced at 42wks 13hrs
Dc2 spontaneous at 41+3 6hrs
Dc3 42wks induced 2hrs

Dc4 took 4hrs from the contractions being ramped up to 4 in 10. I had an epidural and I could painlessly feel him moving down without pushing. He/I wasn't "As ready" as dc3 although he was 9lb5! Hence taking longer and needing a drip to get going.

PurpleThistles84 Mon 05-Oct-20 10:34:12

I’d say be prepared but try not to have any expectations. My fourth was my quickest, born 30 minutes after arriving at hospital. I had four great labours, all gradually getting faster then I had my fifth and it was not a good labour and was longer. I expected it to be a breeze and it was anything but. So be prepared but also be prepared to go with the flow and not make assumptions like I did.

calimommy Mon 05-Oct-20 14:59:09

Thanks for the feedback all! Yes I'm prepared for it to go either way, but I would just be anxious that I might find myself out and about with the children on my own and baby is suddenly in a hurry. With my third I woke up at 330am contacting so strongly I couldn't breath. Literally asleep dreaming and then agony. He was on my chest by 530.

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PopsicleHustler Mon 05-Oct-20 19:25:12

Wow. Mine is the complete opposite. I'm at home for pretty much a day before ethey start getting so intense I need to go in.

calimommy Mon 05-Oct-20 21:37:39

Sending you speedy baby thoughts @PopsicleHustler 🤪

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PopsicleHustler Tue 06-Oct-20 05:00:58

Haha, thank you

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