Second caesarean

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Jane199314 Sat 03-Oct-20 14:35:26

Hi all
Few weeks ago I found out I am pregnant with second baby. The first one was born 3 years ago with c-section because my labour did not progress for more than 3 days. Do I have right to choose second c-section? Honestly I am so so so scared theY will push me to give birth naturaly and all whats happend during my first labour will repeat (4 days without sleep horrible pain, baby 35 hours without water and this all end up with section). Is there any chance I have right to ask for planed c-section? I Do not want to risk it I have such a big trauma from my first labour but I am really scared NHS will push me to give birth naturally. I am desperate and stressed

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bluemoon2468 Sat 03-Oct-20 15:41:37

You always have the right to ask for an elective c-section and have it granted, but especially after a previous c-section. A lot of women find they have difficulty the other way round - they want a VBAC and the doctors are pushing them to go for another c-section - so I honestly don't think you'll come up against any resistance at all.

BeMorePacific Sat 03-Oct-20 15:42:00

At my trust I was offered a VBAC or a planned c sec at 39 weeks. It was my choice.
If you’re in the UK you have rights to how you birth your baby.

Hercwasonaroll Sat 03-Oct-20 15:43:46

Miy consultant was a bit of a dick but after I broke down crying I got a second section.

ketchupthebear Sat 03-Oct-20 15:51:59

Mostly they talk about VBAC but start to waver as you progress if there's any niggle like blood pressure, funny position, pelvic pain, age.
I was actually keen on a VBAC but it was really interesting how the enthusiasm drained as I went along. By 34 weeks we were talking dates for CS.

SendHelp30 Sat 03-Oct-20 15:53:19

Yes you can choose. I’ve had 3, all elective.

Miss2820 Sun 04-Oct-20 15:03:58

I’m in the same situation as you.. I’m 24 weeks and will be meeting the consultant next week to discuss further but I’m heading towards another c section first one was emergency and the recovery wasn’t good after but I never did no research or even thought about a c section.. I feel this time round I’m
Mentally prepared and know what to expect etc so hoping they will agree to do a c section..

Do they do it on your due date? Or is it done later earlier??


FilthyforFirth Sun 04-Oct-20 15:27:24

I had a section 3 years ago (breech baby) and was told it was my right to have one this time round. I am booked in for 39 weeks. But actually I think it is your right to birth however you want, regardless of previous birth.

PhotoMum4 Sun 04-Oct-20 15:44:17

I had a section first time around and will be having a section again.
I told the midwife at Booking appt and again the 12 week appt and she was very reassuring it would be my choice. She did ask if I was planning any more as after 3 or 4 sections there are additional risks. Def done after number 2.

Miss2820 Sun 04-Oct-20 16:25:31

Do they do the c section on your actual due date ? Do they move it forward or later?

SendHelp30 Mon 05-Oct-20 22:42:04

@Miss2820 mine were 38, 39 & 38 weeks

Feministschool Mon 05-Oct-20 22:52:50

I had to really fight for my second c section. Eventually I just kept repeating the phrase "I want one. I want one" as every fact I had, the consultant countered. I had to argue using emotion, not logic, which was odd for me.

It's shit that some women have to be so assertive to get something that is their choice.

niki26 Tue 06-Oct-20 23:52:34

I Had a section for a breech baby in 2015....when I booked in for my second pregnancy I was told I had the best of both worlds due to my previous section. Being high risk made the choice easier and the consultant was positively pushing for the section.

The midwife told me after the surgery that my uterus was now very thin and if I wanted a third child I would definitely need another section and it would be done earlier.

Susannahmoody Tue 06-Oct-20 23:54:01

Insist you want another section. VBAC's are not particularly safe.

Miss2820 Wed 07-Oct-20 14:12:00

I’ve heard different stories of how the 2nd time is easier.. is that true ? I’m seeing the consultant next week to discuss the options but I’m heading towards having one but really nervous of leaving my daughter for one or two nights lol I’ve never been away from her

PolarBearStrength Wed 07-Oct-20 14:29:24

Insist you want another section. VBAC's are not particularly safe.
Do you want I back that up with some literature @Susannahmoody? Because the evidence is clearly to the contrary.

@Jane199314 you shouldn’t have much problem requesting a second cesarean. If you find that the consultant is not very receptive, just ask to be referred to someone else. They don’t usually book the procedure until your third trimester but this is normal.

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