'Bloody show' - how long before your labour started?

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bluemoon2468 Sat 03-Oct-20 11:25:34

TMI but have just had my show big time (wasn't expecting so much)! Been having cramps all night and morning but no pattern yet. How long before your labour started?

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MJS2020 Sat 03-Oct-20 15:13:15

I lost mine two days before I had my daughter. Good luck!

Babdoc Sat 03-Oct-20 15:15:15

Two days here too, OP, but it’s quite variable. Good luck when the time comes - I hope all goes well.

Grandcandy Sat 03-Oct-20 15:19:51

Dc1 born two days after show.
Dc2 - cant remember.
Dc3 born 5 hours after show.

countdowntobaby2020 Sat 03-Oct-20 16:39:46

I had mine when I went to the toilet in the middle of the night on the Saturday. Went back to sleep and Sunday was just a normal day with no symptom in sight - but of an anti climax and started to think I'd imagined it. Contractions started all of a sudden at 10.30 that night and he was born at 3.30 Monday morning so basically 24 hours from show to baby. Although from my excessive googling at the time labour could be anything from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks after the show! Hope it's soon for you and good luck 😊

naaz08 Sat 03-Oct-20 16:48:47

Same here with 2 days, started having contractions the day after.

bluemoon2468 Sat 03-Oct-20 17:55:49

Thanks everyone. Having contractions roughly every 10 minutes now. Hoping this is it!

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AegonT Sat 03-Oct-20 19:20:48

I lost my plug on a Saturday. I started having contraction at night only for a few days. Went into hospital Tuesday night and had my daughter Wednesday afternoon.

Nic2908 Sat 03-Oct-20 19:26:30

How are you getting on @bluemoon2468

bluemoon2468 Sun 04-Oct-20 06:50:36

@Nic2908 laboured all evening and most of the night. Got really intense and my timing app told me I was in established labour for over an hour but decided to wait a bit longer and try and rest before going in. Finally managed to fall asleep at about 4am and I've woken up and everything seems to have stopped. Frustrated isn't even the word 🙄

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Nic2908 Sun 04-Oct-20 07:48:23

@bluemoon2468 your baby will be here soon. Try and rest now whilst you can.

PopsicleHustler Sun 04-Oct-20 15:08:19

Update please

bluemoon2468 Sun 04-Oct-20 17:56:38

I've been in triage this afternoon on the monitor which picked up regular contractions every 5 minutes. The midwife said they're strong and I'm coping really well, but tbh they really feel quite manageable to me. She offered me codeine but I just don't feel like I need it atm. Was told to come back once they're 3-4 mins apart - now that I'm home they're around 3-4 mins apart but tbh really quite manageable. They're like bad period pains but no worse. My Freya app is saying I've been in established labour for 45 mins now but I feel like there's just no way this is painful enough to be established labour. I don't even have a particularly high pain threshold. Don't know what to think really, but don't want to go back into hospital when I'm not really in proper labour!

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Nic2908 Sun 04-Oct-20 21:09:35

@bluemoon2468 eeek. Just seen your little update. Sounds like you were doing amazing at that point. Have things escalated since then as its been few hours!!! You can do this!

PopsicleHustler Mon 05-Oct-20 05:26:42

Wow, well done. You have a really high pain threshold. At 3cm I wanted the gas and air. I too ,was tooing and froing between home and hospital as I have ridiculously long labours. All my children have been 2 days or one and a half day. And I'm currently expecting number 5.
Sounds like you're doing really well. It sounds like you have a slow labour to begin with. Try sex and walking. And up and down stairs

PopsicleHustler Mon 05-Oct-20 14:49:34

Hello hope all is well. Have you had your baby yet

bluemoon2468 Wed 07-Oct-20 04:57:15

Update: baby boy born 10.03am on Tuesday 6th, just over 72 hours after I had my show after a 2 day latent labour and 30 hour established labour 🙈 We're in hospital overnight but both doing well, hopefully home tomorrow 🤞🏻

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Itllbeaninterestingchristmas Wed 07-Oct-20 05:05:01


Dollywilde Wed 07-Oct-20 05:32:26

Congratulations! Sounds exactly like my labour with DD 7 weeks ago, you’re a trouper wink enjoy the snuggles!

PopsicleHustler Wed 07-Oct-20 06:23:37

Wow amazing.

Your story is somewhat like mine. I have long labours too. Two week slow labours before hand. And two days of actual labour. My shortest being 32 hours. It's hard work but all worth it in the end.

Congratulations again and hope all is well with you and baby

Would you mind also letting me know what the ruling was likenin your hospital. Im down south and they only have just changed things from your birth partner only being with you for established labour
Now, my husband can be there the whole time which is excellent.

bluemoon2468 Wed 07-Oct-20 06:40:02

@PopsicleHustler established labour only at mt hospital in London - but I laboured at home until I was 4cm so husband was with me throughout 👍🏻

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MostDisputesDieAndNoOneShoots Wed 07-Oct-20 06:42:23

Bloody show about 11pm, DD born at 7am. Never had one with second baby though.

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