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emma911030 Wed 30-Sep-20 22:32:42

I'm 27 weeks tomorrow with MCDA twins. I was scanned last week and there was a 2.1cm difference in the deepest pool. So they have asked to see me again tomorrow.. has anyone else experienced this and did it even itself out again or now there's a difference is it likely to continue being different or get worse?
I googled it which I wish I hadn't as although it could be something to do with potential gestational diabetes but then says other things about fetal issues etc. Just wondering if anyone had any experience. TIA

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Missmonkeypenny Wed 30-Sep-20 22:58:17

No experience with twins but I had Polyhydramnious in my last pregnancy, deepest pool was about 12cm if I remember correctly. I had all the testing done to see if there was a reason for it ( eg diabetes/fetal abnormalities) but there was no cause, just one of those things! I was included due to DS bobbing around/ changing position/ unstable lie ) as they were worried about cord prolapse if my waters went naturally which was a slightly undignified experience with a midwive pushing down on my bump to engage his head whilst the consultant did my waters but otherwise completely fine- I did flood the entire room though grin

TenThousandSpoons0 Wed 30-Sep-20 23:55:14

2 cm difference is not that significant - what they’re monitoring for is twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS). Hopefully that was discussed with you earlier in the pregnancy , it’s one of the possible complications of MCDA twins, and the main reason for lots of scans. It’s more common to get it earlier than 27 weeks, and is diagnosed in various stages (stage 1 being difference in amniotic fluid with one twin <2cmand one >8cm, so at least 6cm difference). That said there are other reasons for difference in fluid in twins. More likely than not it will be the same or better o your next scan - if not, your team should talk you through everything. Good luck!

Amelia891 Thu 01-Oct-20 05:35:19

Hi, I had polyhydramnious in my first pregnancy (just 1 baby) not diagnosed until 32 weeks. I had to have a gestational diabetes test which was negative and was under consultant care from then on with lots more scans but everything was absolutely fine, no medical reason for it just ‘one of those things’. They induced me on my due date due to the Polyhydramnious and also the fact I was having a big baby (she was only 8lb 4 in the end so not even that big). My waters breaking was pretty eventful, it was like a huge flood!! But totally healthy baby and fairly straightforward delivery so don’t worry. Google gives a lot of worst case scenarios.

I actually found out yesterday that I’m having MCDA twins!! Good luck with everything x

ChampooPapi Thu 01-Oct-20 10:53:52

@emma911030 yes me! I am 32 weeks with dcda twins, own sacks, separate placentas.

So they noticed more fluid around one twin at my 28 week scan and sent me for a diabetes test the next day. The one where you fast and drink the glucose juice, have the bloods. No other factors, I'm not overweight, no family history, ethnic origin is also a marker apparently, but for me it was just the fact that one twin had more fluid then the last scan.

The test came back negative for diabetes plus no infection detected. Mine also only had an extra 2cm of fluid from the scan at 24 weeks. 24 weeks had deepest pool of 7cm, 28 weeks the pool was 9.4cm.

Had a scan at 30 weeks, so two weeks later, and the pool was back down and measuring 6.2cm

Fast forward to my scan on Tuesday where I was 32 weeks and the pool is back up to 8.5, and they want to do ANOTHER diabetes test.

I said no this time, I will do it if my next scan in just over a week shows the pool is deeper again, but I have no other factors or markers, and I have been tested already just a few weeks ago. Both my twins are not measuring large, one is tenth centile, and the one who they say has Polyhydramnios, even though it resolved for a few weeks?? Is on the twentieth centile so they are not big diabetic babies and I am not huge measuring because of excess fluid.

That test is really important but made me feel ill for days afterwards, which I'll happily go through for my babies health again but I'm going to wait for a scan because it is very very likely they have measured wrong, considering my other factors are not compatible with a diabetes diagnosis.

What are your twins measuring? Are they measuring a few weeks ahead? They will be looking at ttts with them sharing a placenta as that would restrict the growth of one making the fluid increase rather then decrease. Once they eliminate that hopefully they will do a diabetes test I'd imagine. They may also have measured wrong, twins are a nightmare for positioning for the sonographer so don't panic, it is very common and more often then not there is no cause found other then their being a bit more fluid when your waters break.

They will probably scan you weekly now, fingers crossed so you'll be kept well informed and reassured.

Twins pregnancy is not easy, it's one thing after another really, they are always very keen to check everything but it will mean seeing your babies more and being monitored is always good.

emma911030 Wed 07-Oct-20 17:11:02

Sorry @ChampooPapi I've only just seen this..
I had my GTT today so will have results tomorrow lunch time.
I can't see that it will be positive as the follow up scan came back as being ok and back to more or less normal.
However they have also said to me today that both babies are looking much smaller than they would like for 28 weeks they have an estimated weight of 2lb but the doctor wrote in my notes about them being less than 3rd percentile! But no signs of TTTS.
I've got to go back on Friday this week for them to do Doppler to check the cord flow see consultant and then go back next Wednesday for the same. Then the following week for the normal growth scan. I've been worried since I left as they said if they do stop growing then they will have to deliver so I'm now worried about that.
I certainly don't want to sound all woe is me but this pregnancy has been so hard compared to first and so much more full of worry I want them to stay put as long as possible obviously but I also can't wait for it to be over and hopefully have two beautiful healthy boys x

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