Faint line slowly getting darker

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ellie140979 Wed 30-Sep-20 14:09:36

My period was due on Monday, I have tested every day since the lines are getting darker I think. Is this a good sign or not, I have already had two miscarriages and I am flying to turkey for a two week holiday on Friday, so I am totally flipping out! Any body else had the same thing?

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zaffa Wed 30-Sep-20 14:13:19

I believe that is a good sign - congrats OP! And enjoy your holiday x

ellie140979 Wed 30-Sep-20 14:17:35

Thank you in my last two pregnancies it was a really dark line from the very beginning. I lost both! So I am trying to stay positive hoping the fact that this one is different is a good thing xx

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TheDaydreamBelievers Wed 30-Sep-20 15:18:29

Hey @ellie140979 generally the lines should continue to darken as you get more pregnant. Be warned though that the tests can only go so dark so they wont always increase even if hcg does! Once they are as dark as they can be, they will just stay the same.

TheDaydreamBelievers Wed 30-Sep-20 15:19:43

These are mine over last 2 weeks so pretty much plateaued!

ellie140979 Wed 30-Sep-20 15:31:35

Thank you for your reply. I think I will stop testing and try and relax lol xx

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