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32 weeks today!

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Pukeymama Wed 30-Sep-20 12:13:16

Just wondering if there is anyone else about at 32 weeks that fancy comparing symptoms and looking out for signs of labour in a couple of months!

I know there are a couple of threads about for babies due each month but they seem so well established now it wouldn't feel right to try and get in on the action of them.

So just seeing if there are any other lurckers like me about 😁

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Sairafina Wed 30-Sep-20 12:46:10

Yes I feel the same as you re. the established threads but I'm 35 weeks so might be a bit too far along for this one?!

Pukeymama Wed 30-Sep-20 12:57:42

Hi @sairafina!

No definitely not too far along for this one! How are you feeling? Is it baby number 1 for you?

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Sairafina Wed 30-Sep-20 13:04:12

I've been so lucky and had a wonderful pregnancy so far. Missed out on the nausea/sickness/aversions/cravings/restless legs etc so just hoping the last 5 weeks will pass as smoothly!

How about you?

As bump gets bigger I'm up more in the night for the loo and the usual 3am anxieties kick in so it can take a while to get back off to sleep again, but that happened pre pregnancy too 😅

Yes this is baby no.1 so unsure what to expect but at the same time feeling as prepared as I can be if that makes sense?! Will it be the first for you?

CurlyT94 Wed 30-Sep-20 13:06:25

Hey! I’m 32 weeks today too, also a MN lurker! How are you feeling? I had my 31 week midwife appointment today and had nothing to report, I feel so normal no symptoms at all except the massive moving bump 😃

Sairafina Wed 30-Sep-20 13:10:11

I love the movements so much! Have taken far too many videos of bump 😂 can you feel roughly where he/she is? I have a foot pretty much permanently up and under my right ribs

Pukeymama Wed 30-Sep-20 13:15:17

@sairafina so lucky to miss out on all the glorious pregnancy symptoms!! I suffered pretty horrendously with with sickness up until about 20 weeks, luckily been pretty good since then though. This is baby number 2 for me, I already have a DS who will be 3 early next year.

Hi @curlyT94! We must have the exact same due date then 😁 I'm guessing because you had a 31 week appointment this is your first?? Glad you're feeling well!

Are you both nearing starting your Mat Leave now then? I've got 4 weeks to go and can't wait!! Just started washing the baby clothes today which makes it feel very real!

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Flyingfruit Wed 30-Sep-20 13:17:25

Can I join you? I was 34 weeks on Monday! This will be my 2nd baby.

Pukeymama Wed 30-Sep-20 13:19:43

Definitely @flyingfruit! How are you feeling about birth number two now you know what to expect??

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CurlyT94 Wed 30-Sep-20 13:20:35

@Pukeymama due on 25th November, yep this is my first. Feeling so excited and a bit impatient to meet him now. Do you know what you’re having this time round?
My mat leave officially starts on 16th November but I’ve got two weeks holiday booked before then so the countdown is really on! @Sairafina yeah the movement really is the best, he’s been head down since my 20 week scan so I’m the same with the feet in ribs. Also feeling weird jabs in my side/back when laying on my side

CurlyT94 Wed 30-Sep-20 13:22:54

Also how is everyone getting on with the hospital bag situation? I’ve basically completed babies bag now just need to get a move on with mine

teddybear28 Wed 30-Sep-20 13:24:03

Hi all,
im 34 weeks on monday, first baby, rainbow baby aswell!, my sickness stopped between 16/18 weeks but i had it pretty badly, atm its more waking up every 2/3hours in the night to go to the toilet, and the leg cramping and heartburn is terrible for me! hoping these next few weeks fly by!

RWK29 Wed 30-Sep-20 13:25:45

Can I jump in too guys? 😊 also a lurker lol. @Sairafina I’m 35 weeks too 😊 Have you guys all found out whether you’re having boys or girls? We decided not to and now I’m very impatient 😂

Sairafina Wed 30-Sep-20 13:26:04

@Pukeymama yes I've been so lucky! I was really hoping for a weird craving but none materialised. How have you found being pregnant with a toddler?

@CurlyT94 it feels like I'm lying on a moving tennis ball when lying in bed. Still can't really get my head around the fact those little feet will be on the outside in 5 weeks time.

I'm not working at the moment, it's glorious!

Pukeymama Wed 30-Sep-20 13:27:26

I started a list for my bag this week, plan to start packing this weekend. Feel like I have so much to do to get organised, the nursery is so upside down and there are just clothes everywhere at the moment, I'm normally really organised so it's making me uneasy 😆 luckily I still have 8 weeks I guess!

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teddybear28 Wed 30-Sep-20 13:28:07

i meant im 35 weeks monday, baby brain!!!

@RWK29 hi! yeah we found out and we are having a little girl, i couldnt not find out!!

Sairafina Wed 30-Sep-20 13:28:59

@teddybear28 leg cramp is the worst - I've had it a couple of times in my calf and each time it has taken a few days for the pain to totally go away.

@RWK29 I'm having a boy. I was actually quite surprised at my antenatal group as about 50% decided not to find out, I couldn't do it myself!

@CurlyT94 baby's bag is all sorted, I put 6 complete outfits into ziploc bags so DH can easily grab something which will match! Need to try and find some front opening nighties today

Pukeymama Wed 30-Sep-20 13:34:36

@sairafina Primark have some maternity front opening nighties! Cheap too, only in the big shops though I think.

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Flyingfruit Wed 30-Sep-20 13:35:33

@Pukeymama I’m feeling ok about the birth it’s the early baby days with a toddler I’m scared of 🤣
I’m considering going for a home birth because of current situation but just not sure if it’s the right thing for me!

@teddybear28 we must have the same due date grin

I have done absolutely nothing about packing a bag. My son was 10 days late so still feel like I’ve got ages but who knows when this one will make an appearance, I should get organised!!

teddybear28 Wed 30-Sep-20 13:38:23

@Flyingfruit ah, how exciting! yeah my due date is the 9th of Nov, but doctors reckon she could be here eariler as they are on about inducing me! My hosptail bag is pretty much packed apart from stuff for me!

Sairafina Wed 30-Sep-20 13:38:41

Alas @Pukeymama I'm not living in the UK - I miss Primark so much! I was last back at Christmas and did a mega stock up

One symptom I am loving is the pregnancy hair!! Does anyone else have it?! It has got so long and thick, I'm constantly swishing it around 😂

RWK29 Wed 30-Sep-20 13:40:38

@teddybear28 @Sairafina Aww lovely 🥰 hope you’ve both been keeping well! I’ve been determined not to find out, I want DH to tell me what we have when baby is born 😊 I second what @Pukeymama said too...Primark for front opening nighties. I got t-shirt ones that open part way (£5 each I think) and long sleeved ones that open the full way 😊 (no more than £9/£10 each)

Pukeymama Wed 30-Sep-20 13:44:49

@flyingfruit how exciting to be considering a home birth!! I'm trying for a VBAC so not an option for me unfortunately. Can definitely see why it's an appealing thought at the moment with all the restrictions in place. Luckily our hospital have recently changed their rules so DH can be around a lot more than he would have been allowed just a few weeks ago, hoping it stays that way.

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SM20 Wed 30-Sep-20 13:59:41

Hi can I join this post ? I’m 32 week tomorrow and this will be my 3rd.

rainbows20 Wed 30-Sep-20 14:08:14

Hello, can I join too please! 32 weeks Friday for me! Had my checkup yesterday baby measuring small so had to go for a scan this morning but they are happy with everything smile

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