Worried about school covid cases and due to give birth

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1990shopefulftm Sun 27-Sep-20 23:00:03

You need to check with the hospital what their procedure is. I believe hospitals in general if you have symptoms yourself then you d have to be on a seperate part of the ward and you can't have a birth partner who has symptoms themselves with you but otherwise some aren't very clear on what you have to do if someone could have been in contact with it but no symptoms as of yet. Any chance you can keep them off school as it d be less than a couple of weeks now?

Cherryrainbow Sun 27-Sep-20 22:37:28

A few of my colleagues from work have had incidents now where their class/school year in various schools have had cases and they've been advised to keep the kids in isolation for 14 days, and only get a test if they have symptoms but still stay off the 14 days anyway.

I was due to give birth on 25th but still no sign of her. Absolutely terrified my sons going to get some kind of notification in next few days to isolate class/year and what the hell I'm going to do if I go into labour?! The plan is for my parents to have my son when I go to hospital so my partner can be with me, and its emergency childcare. (I live in Swansea, lockdowns kicked in from today). If he has to isolate what do I do?!

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