Getting married at 18 weeks. What will bump be like? Ftm

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SunnySideUp2020 Sat 26-Sep-20 11:49:54

I am due to get married on October 31st, when i am 18w exactly.
Looking at dresses but being ftm i have no idea how big bump will be then?
I have none for now just some bloating and big boobs.
How did your body change between 13 and 18??

Thanks for your help!!

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ivfbeenbusy Sat 26-Sep-20 11:58:16

My first pregnancy I think i was in stretchy trousers by about 14 weeks but didn't really have a noticeable bump at 20 weeks

I'm 19 weeks with twins now though and my bump is massive 😂

The thing is the bump can just pop out from no where - my friend at 20 weeks had an amazing flat stomach - 2 weeks later the bump had popped!

WhiskersPete Sat 26-Sep-20 12:59:57

I had literally no bump until well beyond 18 weeks

HumbleCrumble Sat 26-Sep-20 19:21:36

I'm 18 weeks now and I do have a bump, if you didn't know I was pregnant you might just think I was very bloated though! Size 10-12 pre pregnancy.

A flowy maxi style dress with a high waistline is probably your best bet (ideally with elastic or some give around the waist as anything tight will be uncomfortable).

ButterFox Sat 26-Sep-20 19:23:59

I was 17 weeks with first pregnancy when I got married. Had wee bump but not visible in dress, make sure you get it let out a little bit around your waist/ribs so you're not uncomfortable! Nobody would have known I was pregnant

SunnySideUp2020 Sat 26-Sep-20 19:28:20

Thanks for your replies.
I was thinking maxi dress smile

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Needingsupportplease Sat 26-Sep-20 19:37:42

I just looked bloated until 20 weeks then really did pop overnight and woke up with a huge bump lol! Congratulations


ButterFox Sat 26-Sep-20 19:43:59

Fit and flare is a good option, 1950s style. Maxis sometimes accentuate it I think

iMatter Sat 26-Sep-20 19:47:07

I was the same as pp, slight thickening of my waist from about 14 weeks but it wasn't until after my 20 week scan that I "popped" and suddenly had a proper bump

Seventytwoseventythree Sat 26-Sep-20 19:49:38

I looked completely normal until 20 weeks, I am tall though

HumbleCrumble Sun 27-Sep-20 16:52:54

I found a photo from 13 weeks so took one now for comparison - obviously everyone is different but I'm also a FTM so just to show how your shape might change by then.

SunnySideUp2020 Sun 27-Sep-20 17:18:25

@HumbleCrumble thanks for the picture!!!
I am about your size right now so good to have and idea smile

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SunnySideUp2020 Sun 27-Sep-20 17:18:50

I mean your size at 13w

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HumbleCrumble Sun 27-Sep-20 17:23:46

No problem, happy to help smile

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