20 weeks and SUPER gassy - Major TMI coming...

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OnNaturesCourse Sat 26-Sep-20 22:21:59

Thanks everyone.

I too have been relying on fizzy juice to get things dislodged.

I guess the smaller meals could be a thing too as I'm still eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and it's definitely worse right after dinnertime.

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mintich Sat 26-Sep-20 07:28:57

Oh and I have no advice unfortunately. This my 3rd pregnancy and I still havent solved it!

mintich Sat 26-Sep-20 06:49:15

Oh yes! I do these massive burps all the time!

Katerinakaterinaki Sat 26-Sep-20 06:47:30

I'm 25 weeks and have not stopped burping since about 8 weeks ..
I do tiny little burps all the time, and sometimes i feel really uncomfortable and then I stand up quickly and a large burp comes out.
I found fruit juice is one thing that definitely makes it worse, but other than that I don't know what to do about it...

Vicalam Sat 26-Sep-20 06:35:17

This has been awful for me all the way through do far and I'm 19 weeks now. Really bad bloating and wind, I haven't found anything that helps. Strangely if I have salad or soup or something for lunch as opposed to bread or similar it's worse. I've made my peace with it, I'll just have to ride it out till the end of pregnancy. Just another of those pregnancy symptoms, not very helpful I know but it's not forever 🙃

leftitlate37 Fri 25-Sep-20 21:40:32

Aaaah that sounds awful!! I'm way behind u weeks wise but having always been a bit of a burper....yeah not much of a lady haha....this has defo got worse now. Exactly as u describe was what I said to hubby earlier, literally feel like have a burp waiting to come out right at top of throat...that kinda feeling like xmas day when u eat too much, but this is not food related. I've caved a couple of times and had a diet fizzy drink just to make me burp. It's not v nice eh, sorry dont have more tips but I'll be following your post with interest! I'm wondering if am needed to stop eating 3 meals and just start having little and often.
No comment on the farting as got IBS so it's never particular nice!!!

OnNaturesCourse Fri 25-Sep-20 00:14:57


I dont remember it with my first at all, aside from occasional burping !

I am so gassy - I do nothing but burp and fart all day long, some times I cant even control it, no matter what end it comes out of!

I also find myself getting uncomfortable with it, especially with burps - its almost like i can feel the gas building under my ribs and at the top of my chest/throat. It can be uncomfortable for a good amount of time until eventually a movement triggers a burp (I have tried making myself burp but no luck, its literally like its stuck in there)

Passing wind isnt too uncomfortable but I feel my whole stomach gurgle.

Does anyone have any remedies? It can prevent me getting comfortable enough to sleep, and makes me feel a bit sick sometimes.

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