Pressure low down

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BeMorePacific Thu 24-Sep-20 21:21:16

I felt a lot of pressure a few weeks ago. It has eased now (I’m 34 weeks). I think it just depends on what the baby is pressing on!

kkr168 Thu 24-Sep-20 21:04:03

I've felt similar since about 20 weeks, I'm now 31 weeks pregnant.
Baby still seems to be moving around quite a bit & some days he's obviously alot lower then others, on those days I definitely waddle & could pee every 2 minutes grin

Oneandabean Thu 24-Sep-20 20:28:15

My baby keeps sitting really low down and it’s a feeling of pressure, not the most comfortable

Gerdticker Thu 24-Sep-20 20:12:13

I imagine the weight could well make a difference, yes

But my first thought is could you be constipated? It’s all in that low area and would really crank up the pressure - sadly I should know!!!! grin

SpunBodgeSquarepants Thu 24-Sep-20 19:41:52

Hi ladies! I wanted to ask if anyone else had experience this so early on - I'm 19+2 and for almost a week now I've had a heavy pressure down low in my pelvis, it's making me waddle as I walk like I'm 9 months gone already! I was last pregnant almost 7 years ago and I don't remember this feeling. I'm about 5 stone heavier now though, I wonder if that's adding to the problem??

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