Delivery decision with twins

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emma911030 Wed 23-Sep-20 21:16:15

Hi. I'm currently 26 weeks with MCDA twins, I was told i would be delivering between 36/37 weeks ish.
How and when was a decision made for those who have already had their twins?
I am currently going for fortnightly scans and have been since 12 weeks.
They have said that if twin one is head down then I can go for a vaginal delivery but if not then they would look at doing a c section.. however. When do they decide? Do I just go for a scan closer to the time and then if twin one is head down and they are happy with estimated weight and development of baby they say right we will admit you now and start induction or do they literally go right your 36 weeks or whatever it may be, scan me and then say section tomorrow or induction tomorrow? If that makes sense to anyone I would love some feedback. I'm at the hospital for my 26 week scan tomorrow anyway so will ask but just wondering others experience. TIA

I have also posted this in multiples but the threads there tend to be quite quiet.

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EmmaA96 Wed 23-Sep-20 21:27:51

Hiya.. I’m currently 35 weeks with my MCDA twins! In my notes it said that delivery options where to be discussed at 30 weeks then at 32 weeks for it to be booked in whether it be induction or section. As the babies can still move position (mine certainly have!), I think if you went for vaginal and they moved then they would book you in for section.

I had my last scan last week & I am booked in for a section next week so there would be plenty of time to know from your last scans to 36/37 week mark.

emma911030 Wed 23-Sep-20 21:36:27

Thank you @EmmaA96!
I know I don't have any control over it but I'm really preying for induction and attempt a vaginal delivery. I know they can take really long to get going etc but I just hate the idea of the lengthy recovery for section ☹️ especially as I have an 19 month old too. (That and I ended up with assisted delivery for my son with forceps because of his position so felt robbed of the 'giving birth' thing the first time round!) think I'm also a little scared of the idea of the decision of a section being made and then worrying constantly about it lol.
I've not bought any new baby clothes yet, have been too worried to 'jinx' it by buying clothes and something happening .. time is flying by now though so I feel like they're going to be here in no time! Lol
Good luck with your section! I've struggled to be excited at the prospect of twins, but I'm hoping it will come soon!

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ellesbellesxxx Wed 23-Sep-20 21:44:00

Hello and congratulations!
My twins are three now but I think it was 32ish weeks we discussed options for delivery. As long as twin one was head down, they supported me going for v delivery. As it was, twin two turned to head down at 34w! I think my induction was booked at 35 weeks after a scan, my consultant just asked the midwife to see when there was availability at 37 weeks for me to go in.

EmmaA96 Wed 23-Sep-20 21:47:08

Ah I totally understand! I weighed out the positives / negatives with my partner and family then made the decision, I think I felt more in control this way! Time is definitely flying by I have only just bought more clothes the past few weeks when I realised omg we will x2 babies soon!

Excitement kicking in but I still don’t feel like I’m pregnant with twins! Lol thank you! Hope everything works out the way you want it too x

bridgetjones1 Wed 23-Sep-20 21:53:04

Hi, my babies are 18 months old now but I decided very early on that I wanted a C section and no amount of discussions would change my mind. After 5 rounds of IVF I just wanted them here quickly when the time came.

As it happened I had my girls at 33 weeks via emergency C Section due to growth restriction in one baby.

Happy to say they are absolutely amazing & thriving now.

A twin pregnancy is (although not always) a stressful time so for me to have made this decision early gave me some comfort.

On a last note, having twins is fab, hardest work ever but utterly fabulous xxx

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