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rainbows20 Wed 23-Sep-20 14:27:16


What baby carriers would you recommend? Do people get much use out of them? Are they suitable from birth?


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Whatinthename20 Wed 23-Sep-20 14:36:32


Caspianberg Wed 23-Sep-20 15:45:16

We have the ergo embrace. It’s been great, and I used from 1 day old when used to carry baby out of the hospital.

Londoner99 Wed 23-Sep-20 15:48:54

We the Ergobaby Omni and it was fantastic. I would say that one important point when considering baby carriers is to buy one that allows baby's legs to sit at a 90 degree angle, not all of them are designed that way (I think there was a Baby Bjorn one that was like that).

JC12345 Wed 23-Sep-20 15:54:02

I'd recommend getting in touch with your local sling library (or one that does online consultations/hires) as slings are quite a personal thing. Stretchy wraps are good for newborns and easy to pop them in and out. After that, woven wraps or soft structures carriers are good (we use connectas which are now integra) but it's definitely good to try some out to see what suits you.

It's best to avoid front facing ones where the baby's legs dangle as they don't support the hips properly. You want their legs in an M shape (bum in middle) for the best positioning.

KitKatastrophe Wed 23-Sep-20 15:54:11

We had a stretchy wrap for when baby was really tiny. She slept in it so well and it left our hands free. Invaluable in the early days. The close caboo is a similar idea but we just had a cheap one as it only lasted a few months.

raccoonface Wed 23-Sep-20 15:58:34

Can't recommend the close caboo enough especially for the first 3 months or so - its one of the only ones that's from 5lb and up (lots are 8lb) and is like a stretchy wrap one but without the trouble of tying it, just pull to adjust and so easy to get them in and out of. Baby lived in ours for weeks and we've only gone up to a soft buckle carrier in the last month or so, but the caboo is my best new baby purchase ever!


DaisyChainsForever Wed 23-Sep-20 16:00:27

i used a stretchy wrap when DS was 1st born, then bought a 2nd hand Manduca when he was about 2 months old. Used it 4/5 times a week until he was about 18 months old. It was comfortable on my c section scar, as well as extending big enough to fit my DP.

ahhanotheryear Wed 23-Sep-20 16:00:41

For DS who was quite a large baby (hence the emcs) I used an ergo baby 360. I did buy a stretchy wrap but it hurt my scar.
For DD who was smaller and a VBAC I have been using the stretchy wrap as she's a little too small for the ergo baby.
The stretchy wrap was a £20 from amazon.

randomsabreuse Wed 23-Sep-20 16:02:44

I had a cheap stretchy wrap initially, really handy for the don't put me down phase. Cost about £20 from Amazon (emergency purchase when I forgot to pack my main Caboo for a holiday then used for both DC).

I also have a Manduca that lasted until DC1 was walking most places (about 2.5) and is now a bit worn out so will be replacing it with something that packs down smaller to use when a determined small person gets tired!

The Close Caboo is much easier to get used to than the basic stretchy but less supportive as baby gets bigger (and less co-operative...). I'd hire one to get the hang of things then buy a couple of stretchies.

rainbows20 Wed 23-Sep-20 21:36:40

Thank you so much for your replies. What's the main difference between a stretchy wrap and then like the ergo? Is one more comfortable for the baby? Can you use the stretchy wraps to go out walking?

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randomsabreuse Thu 24-Sep-20 11:51:04

Stretchies are about as supportive with a small baby, and probably slightly more comfortable when they're tiny.

Ergo etc have buckles so quicker to put on, easier to get consistent, put more weight around your waist so less on shoulders, but are less adjustable with a tiny baby.

AegonT Thu 24-Sep-20 12:44:33

We used a stretchy wrap till 6 months. We started trying buckled carriers out at a sling library at 4 months and bought an Ergo which lasted till she was three (on front as a baby and back as a toddler). We used them anytime a pushchair would be annoying, like where there wasn't paved paths or in a crowded cafe or when she was walking lots but sometimes we wanted to go very far at our speed as an empty pushchair is huge but an empty sling can be worn round your waist or put in a bag.

FolkSongSweet Thu 24-Sep-20 14:10:54

We had a close caboo for first few months and then an ergo omni 360 (which DH used from the start). Both were fantastic. We used the ergo in the back carry format until he was about 18 months.

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