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can someone help

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rosebabyboy Thu 17-Sep-20 00:15:42

I ad a positive ovulation test on 17th of aug on the 22nd of aug I was spotting for 9days then i had another positive ovulation test on 31st of aug and 1dpo I was spotting then on the 9dpo I ad a positive pregnancy test early response one 6 days and showed the nurse and she confirmed it was positive then on the 11dpo i ad sex and after sex I’ve bin bleeding wen wipe in toilet dripping in toilet and on toilet and in my pad and I’ve ad red and red and pink and brown blood and I’ve ad a big blood clot once only and little blood clots but don’t no how many and only sometimes get them and now it’s stopping on the 7th day the blood it was only coming out a lil
anybody ad this i don’t no what it can be

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Teapotdespot Thu 17-Sep-20 05:02:04

Have you had any pain or cramping at all?

calimommy Thu 17-Sep-20 06:13:36

I saw your other post too OP, although the picture was blurred, you said the test was confirmed by another person.

It does sound like you could be having a MC, purely from the amount of blood you describe as well as the clots, although it is also possible to bleed heavily and not MC. If you have had a loss, it can take some time for the hormone to leave your system so tests will remain positive until the hormone dissipates.
Good luck

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