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Back pain at 28 weeks

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Keeksbeeks Thu 17-Sep-20 00:08:14

Hi need some advice I've got a really bad back for the past 2-3 days and night time has literally become a battle for me, even turning sides hurts and I end up with a stiff hip in the morning. I was wondering if voltarol is any good? I think you ain't supposed to use it in the 3rd trimester 😭 any advice plz xxx

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xxxemzyxxx Thu 17-Sep-20 09:42:16

I’m 37 weeks now and unfortunately bad backs come with the territory 😭 I’ve found warm baths and paracetamol helps to some extent. I also get my DH to stroke my back sometimes as it helps ease the tension in the muscles. I use a pregnancy pillow which helps support bump and back, but sometimes it’s just too much and I have spent a few nights sleeping mostly sitting up as that was the only relief I could get for my back.

I also have to make sure I wear a bra for a good part of the day as not wearing one makes it so much worse!

I can’t advise on the voltarol, butI would speak with your gp before using, I don’t think there’s been a lot of research on using it while pregnant therefore it is advised not to use it.

BG1234 Thu 17-Sep-20 11:51:29

I’m 31 weeks- have had back surgery when I was younger, thought I was getting away with an okish back in pregnancy but have had awful back aches for the past couple of weeks.
I can’t comment on voltarol but I have tried YouTube videos of back stretches/exercises, a bump support belt (this does seem to help me a bit), hot water bottle/heat pack (my go-to), my partner massaging in a bit of tiger balm (I know some people have mixed views on using this but I’ve just been using it sparingly and it helps).
I also agree with the pregnancy pillow and side-sleeping. I got one at about 20 weeks and loved it for making sleeping on my side comfortable, but since getting the back pain it just doesn’t support my back. In the past with my back pain I was always advised to sleep flat on my back on a firm mattress and this has always worked for me along with a heat pack/small pillow in the small of my back for support. Last night after weeks of not sleeping properly I slept on my back (with several pillows propping my head up so hopefully I was at a bit more of an angle). It was the best nights sleep I’ve had in weeks and I think I need to stress less about the constant side sleeping. That’s a very personal choice though.

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